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Palworld what is the new Pokemon style game and where to try it

For a few weeks on the web we’ve been talking about nothing but Palworlda very “special” day that unites dinamiche survival to those from action game paying, as is more than evident, a heavy tribute to the adventures of the world of Pokemon.

An extraordinary success (and we will see why) which led to the sale of well in just three days 4 million copiesto the delight of Pocket Pair (the company behind the development of Palworld) which has confirmed that it has passed the 1.2 million active players on Steama more than interesting result especially given the particularity of the title.

What is Palworld

Palworld expertly mixes features survival to those of a action game with bright colours, just as it was for the advent of the various titles in the Pokemon series.

All combined with an experience open world in which you have to capture and train strange creatures to make them become stronger and stronger beat opponents cunning and willing to do anything to tear these little monsters (not so pocket-sized) to pieces.

Up to this point it is more than evident, as already mentioned, with the world of Pokemon that, since their advent on the “old” (but never forgotten) Game Boyhave captivated millions of users around the world.

The difference, however, lies in the fact that Palworld takes the relationship with these creatures to another level and, for the first time, you will be able to treat these nice friends with an iron fist, in full style of the “rival” well known to all players of Pokemon Gold and Silver.

Even, for the most sadistic, it is possible to slaughter our little friends for turn them into meat. In theory it would be possible to do the same thing with the other NPCs in the game, enslave them or possibly shred them or shoot them but, as usual, things of this kind are at the discretion of the player.

Besides this, the other big news is that the user can also use firearmsan eventuality absolutely not contemplated in the home counterpart Nintendo.

So, no, Palworld is not just a Pokemon clone (although the similarities are obvious) hiding anyway a certain complexity e a certain realismtypical of more modern titles, which was absolutely not present in the old Game Boy cartridges, such as slower movements when carrying too many objects or a way of constructing objects based on the accumulation of resources.

In short, this game could be a revelation (even if there was certainly no shortage of criticism for some behaviors not too appreciated by users) and could bring titles of this kind to a more mature level and perhaps more suited to a modern audience who seeks more action and, of course, one greater freedom of movement which, up to this point, the Pokemon games still don’t have, despite the progress made in the latest versions.

How to try Palworld

For now Palworld It can only be downloaded from Steam and has a price of 28,99 euro.

Alternatively you can also play on Game Pass sui PC Windows or on the new ones Xbox Series X/S and, according to some rumors, Pocket Pair would also be in talks with Sony to bring the game up too PlayStation 5but there is no confirmation on this yet.

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