Panasonic LZ800: the entry level series arrives in Italy with OLED.EX up to 65 “

In the past few hours, on the brand’s Italian website, Panasonic has listed a new series of OLED.EX TVs, the LZ800, with models from 42 to 65 inches, soon to be distributed through the well-known Amazon e-commerce.
Panasonic LZ800: the entry level series arrives in Italy with OLED.EX up to 65

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After introducing the LZ980 series. LZ1000, LZ1500, LZ2000, the Japanese brand Panasonic has unveiled another series of smart TVs for its 2022 list, represented by the LZ800 which, after having already made its debut in the United Kingdom, has now also appeared on the brand’s Italian portal of Osaka, where it is explained that the same will be distributed (generally from July) through Amazon.

According to the published data sheet, the Panasonic LZ800 series uses panels with a luminous efficiency increased by the use of deuterium and, therefore, of the OLED.EX type: the expected diagonals are 4, or from 42 (from October), 48, 55 and 65 inches, all calibrated according to the UltraHD resolution with a refresh rate of 100-120 Hz. Gamers, in addition to this data, will also appreciate others: first of all, here too there is the Game Mode Extreme, in charge of making more reactive the images at 60 Hz reducing input lag and latency, but also to make the overlay menu known as Game Control Board available, with lots of info on the game that can be recalled by simply pressing the “my App” button on the remote control (after having associated it with this function ).

Still regarding the visual qualities of Panasonic’s OLED LZ800 series, support for various high dynamic range standards (HDR10, HDR10 also Adaptive, Dolby Vision also IQ, HLG also Photo when it comes to reading images in the HSP format should be mentioned. ). Thanks to the “Calman Ready” setting, it is possible to carry out a professional calibration, if desired automatic, using the Portrait Displays ad hoc software while, using the FilmMaker mode, using the metadata in the images, you can decide to enjoy a film in the version original planned by the director.

The brain of the Panasonic LZ800 series, hardware side, is the HCX Pro AI image processor, which takes care of various optimizations, including the Smoot Motion Drive Pro: the latter not only interposes simulated frames to improve motion, but also inserts black frames to mitigate retinal persistence and produce sharper moving images. In terms of audio, there are two 15 W speakers with Dolby Atmos and Cinema Surround.

The contents, to be reproduced in images and audio, are taken from the Penta Tuner which not only receives the IPTV or the contents of the digital terrestrial or satellite decoders, but also those of cable TV (DVB-C) not used in Italy, and allows (DVB-via-IP) to route the satellite signal to all TVs connected to the same local network, without the need for direct access to the satellite.

In terms of ports, the four HDMI stand out, half of which with 2.1 specifications, in the style of VRR, ALLM, FreeSync Premium. UHD @ 120Hz, and eARC (on the 2nd): on the software side, finally, to coordinate everything is a derivation of Firefox TV, or that My Home Screen now in its seventh emanation, which brings with it various streaming services as well as a multimedia player multi-format.


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