Parrot OS 6.0 gets support for Linux 6.5 and Raspberry Pi 5

After almost a year since the release of the previous version, Parrot Security He released Parrot OS 6.0based on the latest series of Debian GNU/Linux 12 “Bookworm”. It should be noted that the developers have decided not to ship the new ethical hacking distribution with the kernel Linux 6.1 LTS long-term support of Debian Bookworm, but with the new Linux 6.5 kernel series. The reason for this is better hardware support thanks to the backport of the moduli DKMS per i driver WiFi. This version also includes an improved installation experience thanks to the installer Squid. Additionally, the look of the system has been updated (still using the MATE desktop) and PipeWire it then replaced PulseAudio as the default audio system. Finally, boot options have been added fail-safe GRUB for a more reliable and secure boot e VirtualBox backport and Debian Sid for advanced virtualization support.

Parrot OS 6.0: experimental containerization and libc6 and Python 3.11 libraries

Parrot Security has updated all strumenti penetration testing included to give you access to the latest hacking methods and techniques. A feature was then introduced experimental containerization for unsupported tools to improve flexibility. Additionally, Parrot OS 6.0 includes a new libc6 libraries e Python 3.11 to allow various tools to be updated to the latest upstream version. As explained by the developers themselves: “this will allow future versions of Parrot to include several tools that had been deprecated/abandoned in the past or had never been added before due to their integration complexity“.

Parrot OS 6.0 is already available for download for new installations from the official website in several versions. These include Security Edition, Home Edition e Hack The Box Edition. Existing users of the Parrot operating system can update to the new version from the terminal via the commands “sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade”. The edition Raspberry Pi of Parrot OS 6.0 will be available soon with support for Raspberry Pi 5.


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