Passwords, how to see those saved within browsers

Save passwords within your browser is a rather common thing and, for all those who don’t want to use a password manager external, represents a practical and fast solution for keeping your access data safe.

However, it can happen forget a password inserted and, if there was a need to use it elsewhere and where there is no possibility of accessing that browser, the matter could become complex and it will necessarily be necessary to opt for the reset password.

Fortunately, however, for those who use it Microsoft Edge o Google Chrome recovering saved passwords is possible, let’s see how.

How to recover a password on Edge

To recover a password on Microsoft’s browser, the first thing to do is open Edgeclick on three dots located in the top corner of the screen and open the menu Settings

Here you have to go to the tab Profiles and scroll down until you find a section called Microsoft Walletfrom where you can select the “digital safe” where all the data are stored Password.

Inside the Password screenthere is a list with all the websites for which the user has decided to save the access key, at this point all you have to do is scroll through the list and search for the site for which you are looking for information and click on Here you are.

Before proceeding, however, the operating system will ask for the to log in to your account (either via password or pin), once this is done you need to click on Ok.

Once authenticated you will be able to see all the passwords and username (or email) used on the various sites. They are usually hidden with asterisks, to view the information completely just click on the eye icon.

First, open Chrome. In the top right corner of any window, click the three vertical dots. In the menu that appears, click “Settings.”

How to recover a password on Chrome

Recovering a password saved on the Google browser is a procedure very similar to the one just described for Edge.

First of all, therefore, we must open Chrome, click on the classics three dots at the top of the screen and open the menu Settings

Here you have to scroll down until you get to the section Compilation automatic and click on the tab Password.

In this new window the section will be present Password save where there is a list that includes the name of the website, the user name (or email) and a password which, obviously, is obscured for security reasons. privacy.

To view one of the various access keys you need to click the eye icon positioned next to the various lines of the list and, as already seen, authenticate with your account access credentials.

Once this is done, the stored password will be displayed in its entirety and the user can use it as he sees fit.

Other browsers

Clearly in this short guide we have focused on the two most used browsers Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

As just seen, the procedure is mirrored on both platforms and, with the exception of the nomenclature of the various cardsthe procedure is practically identical.

This also applies to all the other most used browsers, such as Safari, for example, or Mozilla Firefox and to find the saved passwords just go to the Settingslook for the Passwordauthenticate and freely view all the stored access keys.

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