Philips presenta i gaming monitor Momentum 27M1F5500P e 27M1F5800

In a period in which there is strong interest in eSports and gamers in general, and consequently there are presentations of many products on the subject, Philips has not missed the opportunity train and has announced two interesting gaming monitors.
Philips presenta i gaming monitor Momentum 27M1F5500P e 27M1F5800

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Always committed to supporting gamers too, the Dutch brand Philips has announced (with availability from June) two new entries in the Momentum gaming monitor family which, as 27M1F5500P and 27M1F5800 models, boast high resolution and high refresh installments.

The two Philips Momentum 27M1F5500P (769 euros) and 27M1F5800 (819 euros) benefit from a pedestal, with a hub of four USB 3.2 (half of which are quick-charge), adjustable in inclination, height, rotation, also useful in vertical Pivot mode : in addition to the aforementioned ports, the gaming monitor duo in question also uses two HDMI (2.0) and as many Display Port 1.4. Also among the points in common, the Momentum 27M1F5500P and 27M1F5800 employ a 27-inch Nano IPS LCD panel.

In both models, AMD FreeSync Premium technology is stationed to synchronize with the frame rate of the connected graphics card, to which are added several proprietary optimizations typical of this series of monitors, usually equipped, for example, with Smart Image, Multiview and Easy Select. In the first model, that is in the 27M1F5500P, there is a QHD resolution (therefore at 2560 x 1440 pixels) with 240 Hz refresh rate (which drop to 144 on HDMI) and 1 ms as a response time from gray to gray (GtG).

Color coverage is excellent on several important color gamuts (98% on DCI -P3, 92.9% on Adobe RG, 131.9% on sRGB, 111.6% on NTSC), as well as color accuracy (Delta E <2) : Credited with a contrast ratio of 1000: 1, with the sensation of perceived contrast enhanced by the anti-glare treatment, the 27M1F5500P model boasts 450 maximum nits of brightness, although the DisplayHDR 600 certification suggests that under HDR this limit can be brought up to 600 nits.

In the older brother Momentum 27M1F5800, the resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels, therefore in 4K, with a 144 Hz refresh rate and various specifications borrowed from the younger brother, with some differences: the supported color gamuts are covered with different values ​​(84.8% for NTSC, 100% for sRGB, 93.1% for Adobe RGB), and the two HDMIs are here 2.1 (for next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X-style consoles).

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