Phind beats the GPT-4 model in programming code generation

I generative models they are increasingly used in software development. Suffice it to say that a good part of the application code published on GitHub is now generated with Copilot. In another article we saw, for example, how to program with ChatGPT, presenting a series of useful tips. A US startup presented Pinda platform that is based on a model of artificial intelligence to answer technical and coding questions. Phind Model V7according to the developers, is designed to surpass the abilities of GPT-4 (OpenAI) in the field of encoding, achieving performance similar to that of GPT-3.5 but with five times the speed. This means it provides high-quality answers to technical questions in just 10 seconds instead of 50.

What is Phind and how to use it to generate programming code

Phind V7 is based on an optimized version of the open source model CodeLlama-34Bamong the first to surpass the GPT-4 score on HumanEvalestablishing itself as one of the best solutions ever for coding.

HumanEval is an evaluation method that involves human evaluators to judge the quality, effectiveness of responses, and performance of an artificial intelligence (AI) system or machine learning model. This process involves humans evaluating responses generated by an AI model to determine how accurate, relevant, or useful they are against certain criteria. In the context of language models come GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) and Phind, HumanEval is used to evaluate the model’s ability to provide consistent, accurate, and useful answers to questions.

Il Phind Model V7 it achieved a score of 74.7% on HumanEval and far surpasses GPT-4 in providing answers to real-world questions. Between characteristics most interesting of the model, the possibility of using the GPU NVidia H100s and support for the new TensorRT-LLM library that allows you to handle 100 tokens per second in a single stream.

Currently, through the official website, Phind allows the use of input of a maximum size of 12,000 tokens; a further 4,000 (for a total of 16,000 tokens overall) are left for the management of results coming from the Web.

How to try Phind to write working code

Phind is a paid service and offers different subscription plans depending on the use you plan to make of the new tool. However, anyone who connects to the project home page can carry out up to 10 queries per day, even in Europen languagewithout paying a cent.

Phind, how to program with artificial intelligence

Using the box Describe your task in detailit is possible to describe in great detail the programming code that you want to achieve. Phind works well both with more general requests and with sending more specific questions, which involve the sharing of portions of code or correcting errors. By clicking on the arrow to the right of the entry field, you can bring up an additional box that allows you to specify additional code.

The option Pair programmer allows you to activate a conversational mode, useful for interacting with a series of “questions and answers” as you would with a fellow developer. This feature is particularly useful for business activities debug del codice.

As the creators of the project point out, there are some areas of improvement: For complex questions, Phind may require more subsequent iterations to arrive at the correct answer than GPT-4. The development team will continue to work to improve the behavior of the model.


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