Phishing alert: Banca San Paolo’s Isybank in the sights of hackers

Phishing alert: Banca San Paolo's Isybank in the sights of hackers

The attacks phishing they are a real danger, even in our country.

A recent campaign targeting this practice demonstrates the risks associated with this practice Isybanka digital banking institution that is part of Intesa Sanpaolo Group. The aforementioned platform is aimed at customers who operate in the online context, which can be entirely managed via mobile devices.

The operation, identified thanks to the work of D3Labsaw cybercriminals create a phishing website, served to potential victims via a classic phishing operation.

In this context, through a plausible form, the victim is asked for information such as PIN, telephone number, personal data and information regarding credit cards linked to the Isybank account.

Given the recent birth of the platform and the gradual transition of old customers to it, hackers seem to have exploited the transition situation to deceive as many people as possible.

Phishing attack on Isybank: how to avoid risks of this type?

The phenomenon known as phishing is increasingly widespread and fearsome. Through various vectors, often e-mail, victims are directed to websites that, at least graphically, reproduce already known environments and platforms. Here, the user is asked to fill out a form with personal data which, in reality, ends up in the hands of cybercriminali.

In fact, there are several practices that can minimize risks in this context. First check the email senderbefore clicking on potentially suspicious linksit’s almost obligatory.

Secondly, it’s good always check the URL of the site you are visiting. If it has strange numbers or characters, it could be a platform used for phishing attacks. Also spam filters of the email inbox can help effectively prevent unpleasant cases.

Finally, it is always good to be careful when filling out online forms with your personal data, even if only to avoid the now widespread identity theft.

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