Phishing attacks: record numbers in the third quarter of 2023

Through a startup report Vade Secure SASU a substantial increase was detected attacks of phishing e malware in the third quarter of this year.

This is a peak that, in this precise context of cybersecurity, seems to be unprecedented. The document in question, i.e. the Vade Q3 Phishing and Malware Reportnoted a 173% increase in attacks of phishing compared to the previous quarter.

Numbers in hand, we’re talking about 493.2 million against 180.4 million. The report also reveals a 110% increase of malware attacks involving ben 125.7 million of emails compared to 60 million in the second quarter.

The number of malware has reached a not very appreciable record, surpassed only by 126.8 million of the fourth quarter of 2016. As regards the numbers recorded in the context of phishing, however, it is a absolute record.

August was the busiest month of the quarter in terms of phishercon 207.3 million of phishing emails detected, almost double compared to July. The number decreased slightly in September, but still remained high, hovering around 172.6 million.

Phishing attacks: August 2023 the black month for this type of threat

The report also highlighted which brands were most frequently cloned in the quarter, with Microsoft e Facebook who win over everyone.

Across all industries, most industries have seen a significant increase in phishing attacks, with cloud, social media e financial services which recorded increases of respectively 127%, 125% e 121%. Government settings have seen the greatest increase in attacks, with a staggering 292%.

Although with smaller numbers (62%) Also e-Commerce e logistics have seen a worrying increase. What took a breath, however, was the context Internet and telecommunicationswhich recorded a 29% drop.

Finally, Vade Secure SASU experts underlined how email remains the main vector of phishing and malware attacks, before and after the initial compromise.

The report recommends implementing effective strategies to protect organizations and businesses through both native security features Microsoft 365 e Google Workspace with either antivirus and high-end security suites.

Companies are also advised to implement ongoing training, focused on phishing awareness, to make employees competent in identifying and reporting threats promptly.


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