Photos app tools and utilities in Windows 11

With the Photos app included in Windows 11 you can sync files, create videos, albums and slideshows, and edit photos

Microsoft Foto Windows On Windows 11 we find the new app Photodesigned to better manage all the images and photographs on the PC, with the possibility of also viewing the photos synchronized on OneDrive (Microsoft’s cloud) and on iCloud Photos (i.e. the cloud integrated within the iPhone), as well as to other interesting functions.

In the following guide we will show you how to best use the Photos app in Windows 11showing you how it works and how to use all the integrated tools, many of which are designed to avoid having to download new image programs.

If it is not present on your PC we can download it from Microsoft Store built into all versions of Windows 11.

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1) Synchronize photo clouds

On the Windows 11 Photos app we can quickly synchronize photos saved on OneDrive by performing thesign in to your Microsoft account directly on the PC, opening the app Photoclicking on the gear icon at the top right, scrolling to OneDrive Account and making sure that the item is checked Personal.

To view iCloud photos on the Photos app, first download the app iCloud per Windowsopen the new app, log in with the Apple account used on the iPhone, activate folder synchronization Gallerialet’s open the app again Photo and let’s get into the menu iCloud Photos to view all photos synced from your iPhone.

By selecting a single photo or a group of already selected photos we can press on the item at the top Back up to OneDrive to quickly upload shots to the Microsoft cloud.

2) Start photo slideshow

On the Windows 11 Photos app we can start an automatic slideshow of a group of photos (even in full screen), without having to download a dedicated program or create a PowerPoint file for the purpose.

To proceed we open the app Photoselect the photos or photo collection, right-click on the selection and press on Start presentation to start the slideshow. The same button can be pressed at the top once you have selected one or more photos from the collection.

3) Import photos from your phone or camera

If we connect a phone or camera to the PC with Windows we can quickly import all the photos and images present inside it by launching the app Photo and clicking at the top right on It matters.

We will see the drop-down menu with the connected devices appear; in the new screen we can select the images to save in the computer’s internal memory. To learn more we can read our guide on how to download photos from android to pc.

4) Edit photos

To quickly edit photos with the Photos app, open it, double-click on the photo to be edited (to open the preview) and press the button at the top Edit image (we can also press the shortcut CTRL+E).

With the editing options we can rotate, resize, correct, apply filters and adjust numerous parameters of the photo, creating a copy modified according to our tastes.

For further information we can also read the in-depth information on 10 best programs to edit images and photos (free).

5) Create photo videos (slideshow)

The Photos app is integrated with the video editor app Clipchamp per create a photo video or slideshow.

To proceed, make sure you have installed Clipchamp on the computer then open the app Photoright-click on the photo or selection of images to use, click on the item Create a video in Clipchamp and, in the new application, we use the tools offered to add sounds, music, transition effects and more.

On the same topic we can read our guide on how to create photo video, music, effects like image slideshow.


Per see photos on PC we can also rely on the app Photo integrated into Windows 11definitely very modern and equipped with all the functions we can expect from the official app to be able to view images and photos on PC.

Many prefer to combine a program like this with a complete app like Irfanviewdecidedly more powerful and full of functions.

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