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Photoshop, six free alternatives

Adobe’s Photoshop is the most famous photo editing program in the world. It is used by graphic designers, photographers, professionals of all kinds and simple enthusiasts who appreciate its numerous features and the intuitive interface. However, to use it you need to incur costs and sign up for one of the subscription plans, which may be expensive for some.

There are some alternative a Photoshop extremely valid, which respond to different needs and which they offer to users all the tools they need to improve your photographs or create eye-catching graphics to share online.

On the web you can find at least six to try, each with specific features and functionality. In some cases it may be necessary to register on the website in order to use the tools, in other cases it is sufficient to accept the conditions of use.

  • 1. GIMP, the site for editing images and photographs

    GIMP, The GNU Image Manipulation Program, is an image editing platform that has long been considered the perfect Photoshop alternative for Linux users. Today it is one widely used and appreciated solution and also compatible with users who have a device supported by macOS or Windows operating system.

    The software is free and can be downloaded very easily from the page Download of the official website. It is also available on the Windows store. GIMP is the ideal program for photographers, graphic designers, illustrators and other professionals.

    For those coming from Photoshop, GIMP may not be very intuitive, but thanks to the numerous online tutorials and guides it is possible learn how it works quickly. It includes a large set of tools, some basic and some advanced. You can use layers, masks, brushes, filters and other features necessary to edit an image and obtain satisfactory results.

  • 2. Paint.NET, the free editor for digital photo editing

    Paint.NET is a software for Photo editing which can be used on personal computers supported by the Microsoft operating system. It can be quickly downloaded from the platform’s official website, installed and used immediately.

    Originally it was intended as an alternative to Microsoft Paintbut over time it has developed to the point of becoming a very valid image editing software, on a par with The GIMP, Photoshop and other well-known programs.

    The interface it is extremely intuitive and customizable, supports layers and provides users with a set of precise and powerful tools and filters. Through the tabs you can quickly switch from one file to another and is compatible with digital pens and drawing tablets.

  • 3. Apple Photos, the photo editing app for iPhone, iPad and Mac

    Apple Photos is the application created by Apple for managing photos. In addition to being a tool that allows you to catalog and preserve your imagesoffers users photo editing tools that can be used on both JPEG and RAW images.

    Can be used on Mac, iPhone and iPad, with an interface that adapts to the type of device. Compared to Photoshop, it has limitations when it comes to creative and artistic images, due to the absence of specific tools such as brushes, tablets and much more.

    Photo editing tools are divided into two categories: light and color. In the first there are those that allow you to adjust the exposure, contrasts, shadows and more, in the second what allows you to intervene on saturation, shades, vividness and more. You can remove red eye, make vignettes, apply filters, and perform other tasks to enhance a photo.

  • 4. Pixlr, the photo and graphics editor

    Pixlr is among the best solutions for photo editing and for graphics that can be used directly from the browser. You can access two versions: Pixlr X and Pixlr E. The first is designed for quick and easy graphics operations, the second is an advanced photo editor.

    The basic features of Pixlr are free, but for access the advanced ones and for unlimited saves it is necessary to sign up for a subscription which starts at 0.99 dollars per month and can reach a maximum of 9.91 dollars per month.

    Pixlr It has an interface similar to that of Photoshop and users can easily select tools and use them. Supports layers and masks.

  • 5. Windows Photos app, for quick photo editing

    The Windows Photos image editor is a software that offers all the necessary tools for basic, quick and easy photo editing and image management. Integrates with OneDrive and other services.

    Allows you to intervene on the lightexposure, contrast, saturation, color, hue, apply filters, crop photos, rotate them and use an automatic enhancement and photo editing tool based on artificial intelligence.

  • 6. Sumophoto, to edit photos easily

    Sumophoto it is a tool that can be used from browsersby accessing the platform’s official website, or by installing the application to have a better offline experience.

    The tool allows to better balance the colors, intervene on the exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, shadows, vignetting and much more. Allows you to apply filters, crop the image and change its orientation. For best results it can be used in combination with SumoPaint.

    To know more: User guide: Adobe Photoshop


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