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Pixel 8 and 8 Pro with Android 14: what’s new

With the official arrival of the brand new ones Google Pixel 8 e Pixel 8 Proannounced during the event Made by GoogleBig G also released the stable version of Android 14currently rolling out to supported devices.

There are many new features on the new operating system and some of which are powered by the powerful Google artificial intelligence which, as learned from the event, has become increasingly central to the Mountain View company’s future plans.

Here are all the new features of Android 14.

Android 14, all the new features of the operating system

The main improvements of Android 14 concern: camera, accessibility, home screen, lock screen, privacy and security e consumption optimization.

The camera gets numerous additional features also enhanced by the use of AI, including support for Ultra HDR imagesnew modes for photographs in low light conditions and it zoom in the sensor which allows you to zoom in and out on photos without losing quality. Naturally these features will not be available universally but only on compatible devices.

Still regarding the camera, a new one is also available scanner mode for documents which will allow apps to digitize physical documents with extreme precision.

On the front ofaccessibilityAndroid 14 allows you to set larger charactersscaled up to 200% and the possibility of selecting some specific magnifications for each appa feature developed primarily for i visually impaired subjects.

They’re coming too notifications via flash of the camera, which use the flash to warn people that, for example, they have hearing problems. Plus there are even more customization settings for the hearing aids.

On the lock screen and on the home screen more customization modes arrive, with the possibility of setting widgets, shortcuts and anything that can simplify its use as much as possible.

Still on the subject of smartphone screens, with Android 14 Google allows its users to create Custom wallpapers made by AIso as to make each smartphone unique.

With regard to privacy and securitynotifications arrive warning of any changes to the data sharing for third-party apps, more restrictive permissions for the various programs, new encryption methods and many other settings to make using Android 14 even safer.

Finally on the plan of autonomyGoogle has confirmed the presence of a series of optimizations of the operating system that make it more efficient, clearly going to drastically reduce consumptionwith the promise of one longer battery life for all devices.

Which Android phones support Android 14

As is well known, Google generally develops a new Android update and first releases it exclusively on its Pixel family devices.

Only later does the update arrive to other smartphone manufacturers who “transform” it using their own personalized interface, and then spread it to compatible devices.

At the moment, therefore, Android 14 is only available on a limited number of Google devices such as: Pixel 4athe Serie Pixel 5the Serie Pixel 6, Google Pixel 7,Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel7a, GooglePixelTab e GooglePixelFold.

Clearly, Android 14 is already installed natively on Google Pixel 8 e Google Pixel 8 Pro.

Updates based on Android 14 will be rolled out to devices from other manufacturers before the end of the year.

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