How to play games of an Android smartphone on Windows PCs use an emulator or even without it, projecting the phone screen on the monitor.

Android computer games
There are many ways to bring the apps of a smartphone to a PC, but only some of them are optimized to be able to play and have a better graphic fluidity when we start a game, so as not to compromise the quality of mobile games even on PC, continuing in the meantime, keeping your fingers on the touch screen to play and effectively transforming the phone into a controller on which to execute commands or move the character we play with.Let’s see in the following chapters what we can do to play android games on PC without having to download an emulator, so you can turn any desktop or notebook computer into an Android game console without going crazy in the configuration of a traditional (often problematic) emulator.
Compared to real emulators (which emulate the Android code to run the game on PC) we can also take advantage of game viewers, whose task is to display on the computer screen or monitor everything that happens on the phone or tablet, while maintaining the execution and control of the game on the mobile device used, using transmission on the screen very similar to that of the Chromecast.

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Play Android games on PC

The first app that we recommend you try to play Android games on PC is Airmont, download from the Google Play Store.

To use this app for games, make sure that the computer and the phone/tablet are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, then open the app on the device, open any web browser on the PC, connect to the AirMore website, scan the code QR with the camera of our mobile phone (within the app) and, once the connection is established, press on the function Reflector to start the transmission of the screen from the phone/tablet to the browser tab and finally we start the favorite game on the phone, having in mind the commands to execute.

With this method, you can enjoy playing Android games on your PC using a simple and easy-to-set-up tool like AirMore, which offers effective Android screen mirroring. In order for the gaming experience to be satisfactory, let’s make sure that the Wi-Fi network is stable and fast, perhaps targeting the 5 GHz network for the occasion.

Play Android games on PC with AirDroid Cast

As a valid alternative to AirMore to play Android games on PC we can also try AirDroid Cast, available for download from the Google Play Store and as a client version for Windows.
AirDroid Cast

To take advantage of this method we start the execution of the client on the computer, we start the app on the phone or tablet then we scan the QR code so that we can establish the connection. From that moment on, everything shown on the screen of the mobile device will also be projected on the monitor of the desktop computer or notebook, so you can play with a greater level of detail than the small screen.

Exactly as for the previous app, let’s make sure that both devices (PC and smartphone/tablet) are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, preferring networks transmitted on the 5 GHz frequency (generally faster and more stable than 2.4 GHz).

Play Android games on PC with Splashtop Personal

Another app to mirror Android screen to PC is Splashtop Personal, which we can download for free from the Google Play Store.
Splashtop Personal

Starting the app we will be asked to create a free account, with which it is possible to connect up to a maximum of 5 devices. At the end of the configuration, let’s go to the PC and install the Splashtop client, downloading it from the official website; as soon as the application is ready we log in with the same account used on mobile, add the PC to the associated devices and, again from the PC, press on the name of the phone or tablet, so that we can see what happens on the mobile screen and also check the execution of the games.

The free version only works via a Wi-Fi network, so we don’t have to be afraid to use servers for remote connection (in the TeamViewer style, which this app is inspired by). As with the other apps seen so far, we recommend that you use the 5GHz network to play.

Best Android emulator for games

If we want to try an emulator, which is a program that allows you to run Android games on a PC, then the best are two: BlueStacks, of which I have already spoken, and then Nox Player we talk about now.
Nox App Player you can free download from the official site and the installation is completely automatic and without sponsors or advertisements.
At the first start, you can immediately view the classic Android screen, with the Play Store already present to download apps and games, the file manager, Facebook Lite. On the right side, you will see many buttons in a vertical column that allow you to:
– Shake the phone, which is required by some games
Simulate finger touch using the keyboard
Capture the screen and photograph it

– Zoom in to full screen
– Check the volume
Add an APK file (to install the apps downloaded from the PC without using the Play Store)
– Record Script (record Macro to automate some operations)
Record video screen
– Restart Android.
Multiplayer, to play with another person in a new program session.
– Program settings
The buttons at the bottom right instead are the three standards of every Android smartphone or tablet, the one to go back, the one for the list of recent apps, and the one to return to the home screen.
The ability to add an APK file allows you to install games quickly, without going through the Google Play Store (although it is better to log in with your Google account for better compatibility and to download all the apps you need).
We have already seen how to download APK on PC, using sites like APKPure or, even better, APKMirror.
To play it is necessary, by force, to install Google Play Services through the Play Store or by downloading Play Services as an Apk file from Apkmirror and loading it using the side button.
Ultimately, if the goal is to play mobile games on your computer (As for example – Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, FIFA 16, Need for Speed), Nox App Player is, at the moment, the best emulator program you can find, with excellent performance and response times, free and free to use. Nox Player is also optimized to play Pokemon GO on PC


If our goal is to play mobile games on your computer such as Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, FIFA, Need for Speed, the apps seen in the guide are without a doubt the fastest and most effective way to create this scenario, without having to download an emulator and configure it to support Android games. As seen, the operation is similar to the Chromecast, with the phone or tablet that remains the material performer of the game and the screen that is displayed on the monitor or computer screen, so as to exploit the potential of some games (which do not have anything to envy to real PC games).

To improve the gaming experience with this type of app we can also try to connect a traditional controller, as also seen in our guide Connect a controller to the Android smartphone to play.
Still on the subject of remote control and screen mirroring, we suggest you continue reading in our guides Play on TV with Chromecast, best games with other people too e Best PC remote control app for Android and iPhone.


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