Do we want to play audio on multiple speakers, on multiple TVs or from headphones and speakers together? Let’s see how to do it on Windows 11

Audio multiple Windows

When we listen to a piece of music or the audio of a film on Windows 11, the audio is played on only one device at a time, i.e. the PC speakers or headphones. But what if we wanted to listen to audio from multiple devices at the same time? If we have a 3.5mm Jack audio output and built-in speakers, we can easily play audio on multiple devices using the tools made available by Windows.

In the following guide we will show you how to play audio on headphones and speakers together from windows 11so as to be able to broadcast music both through headphones and through the speakers made available by the PC in use.

Between the various chapters we will also show you how to play audio on two bluetooth headphones and how to play audio on multiple smart speakers (such as two Amazon Echo).

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1) Play audio on multiple devices with Stereo Mix

Stereo Mix

To play sound from wired headphones (3.5mm jack or cuffie USB) and from the computer speakers we press WIN+I on the keyboard to immediately open the PC settings, let’s go to the menu Systemwe press on the menu Audio and make sure it is active Speaker as the primary audio playback device under the section Output.

To switch the audio to the wired headphones, all we have to do is press on the menu Other sound settingsright click on the screen Registrationactivate the items Show disabled devicesright-click on Stereo Mixpress on Enable and then on Set as default device.

After enabling Stereo Mix right click on it again, press on the item Propertyclick on the tab I listenwe enable the voice Listen from this device and choose the wired headphones for simultaneous playback from the drop-down menu.

This method is effective with wired headphones (3.5mm or USB), but may not work well with Bluetooth headphones or HDMI devices.

2) Play audio on multiple devices with Nahimic

Audio sharing

If our laptop is compatible with the driver Nahimic we can play audio on two Bluetooth speakers, on two Bluetooth headphones and also on two Amazon Echoes at the same time.

To proceed, connect the Bluetooth devices to the PC with Windows 11 by pressing the system icons at the bottom right (for example the speaker icon), press the arrowhead next to the key Bluetoothset the selected Bluetooth devices in pairing mode and press on their names (in the Windows Bluetooth menu) to associate them.

Once associated with the PC we open the menu Startlet’s try Nahimicopen the corresponding app, go to the menu Sound Sharing and press the button Worn out in the upper left to turn on audio sharing.

Now all we have to do is press the button Select under section Device 1 and pair the first Bluetooth device; we repeat the steps in the section Device 2. Now that the devices are connected, just start playing any song or movie to take advantage of both headphones or Bluetooth speakers.

Audio sharing via Nahimic driver it is compatible with any Bluetooth devicebut it can also be used to connect USB devices and 3.5mm jack headphones, combining the various devices according to our needs (Bluetooth and USB, USB and Jack 3.5mm and Bluetooth plus Jack 3.5mm).

3) Play audio on multiple devices with Bluetooth transmitter

Bluetooth Transmitter

Our laptop doesn’t have support for Stereo Mix or the Nahimic driver? In this case we can play PC audio on two different Bluetooth devices by connecting a bluetooth transmitter to the 3.5mm Jack headphone port.

After connecting this device to the headphone output, set the side selector to TXwe press on the key Bluetooth 1 and associate the first pair of headphones; then we press on the key Bluetooth 2 and pair the second pair of headphones with the device.

These transmitters have a small lithium battery to work even without electricity, but we can always connect them to a USB socket to recharge them in real time without consuming the internal battery.


With the methods seen above we will be able to play audio on headphones and speakers together from Windows 11so you can listen to the same piece of music together with a friend or listen to the same audio of a TV series or movie in streaming, without having to use the splitter da 3,5mm.

If we have Bluetooth speakers or Amazon Echos at home close enough to the PC, we can play audio on multiple wireless devices, using Nahimic drivers or Bluetooth transmitters sold on Amazon.

To learn more we can read the guides on how to connect TV speakers and audio systems to Smart TV and how to use wireless speaker boxes to bring sound into any room or outside.


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