Do you want the best room games on your mobile device? Here are the best bowling, darts and billiard games for Android and iPhone.

Among the most popular hall games, there are certainly bowling, darts, and billiards, which have always been a source of fun among friends when you go to a game room equipped to play this type of game.
But if you want to train even when you’re not in the arcade you can use games designed to let you relive the fun atmosphere of an arcade on your smartphone or tablet.
This is why I have collected in this guide all the best bowling games, darts, and billiards that you can install both if you have an Android device and if you have a latest-generation Apple device (ie iPhone and iPad).
All the games I will report to you can be downloaded for free and in most cases, they also offer the possibility of facing opponents in the flesh by mode online multiplayer, so as to put your skills to good use immediately.

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Bowling Games

Bowling App

Bowling is the most famous room game along with billiards. As in reality, even with the app, you have to hit 10 pins with a different weight and shape ball trying to strike (throw down all the pins with just one shot) or spare (throw down all the pins with the two shots). Each round is decided by the number of skittles fallen and the extra points assigned to those who make a strike or spare. There are 10 rounds, with the last one providing the ability to make 3 consecutive strikes.

The best app for bowling on Android smartphones and tablets

  • Bowling King: one of the best games available for bowling on Android. It allows you to train against artificial intelligence and challenge your friends online in a large number of arenas.
  • 3D Bowling Game FREE: if you are looking for something a little more realistic when you throw the ball you can try this game, which makes graphic strength its strong point.
  • PBA Bowling Challenge: the official game of the PBA, which is the Professional Bowlers Association. In this game, you can accumulate real experience points and challenge one of the many champions available online, as well as challenge friends and relatives.

The best bowling games available for iPhone and iPad:

  • Action Bowling 2: one of the best games of the genre on the iPhone or iPad. You can choose the track and the arena in which to play, the type and weight of the ball, and challenge friends with local multiplayer.
  • Galaxy Bowling HD: the game with very realistic graphics optimized to be played on Retina displays. Various types of competition available and a good selection of balls and tracks.
  • My Bowling 3D: another app that makes pure realism its strong point. Very faithful the physics of the balls and the fall of the pins, for a fun, assured.
  • PBA Bowling Challenge: the official game of the PBA is also present on the iPhone and iPad and (as already seen in the Android version) allows you to accumulate real experience points and challenge one of the many champions available for the online multiplayer game.


app for darts

The darts are a very popular game in the halls and bars set up with the classic colored target, where the competition is really very high if you are good at the launch.
The aim of the game is to remove all the predefined points by hitting (for each round with 3 arrows) the targets of different values.
The center (Bull-eye) is worth 50 points, while the circle surrounding the center is worth 25 points.
The other “wedges” have the same value based on the number reported (from 1 to 20).
Around the segments, there are two concentric circles (internal and external): strike the portion of segments in the doubled circles (outer circle) or triple (the inner circle) the points are shown in the specific segment. Compared to the legend that wants the center as the target to make more points, the most points per round can be done with the segment of the triple of 20 (60 points), which for 3 throws means 180 points (against the 150 of 3 centers consecutive).
To close the match you have to get to 0 (without going bust) closing the last throw with a center or a double (then hit the outer circle): if you have 50 points remaining you can win by winning, if you have 12 points, for example, you can win hitting the outer circle on segment 6 (double).

The best darts games for Android:

  • Darts: this app is full of offline and online game modes, to be able to play darts with friends online or train yourself to shoot from your smartphone.
  • Pro Darts 2017: if you are looking for a very realistic game with which to play darts you can try this app, with a very fun online multiplayer mode.
  • Darts Match 2: one of the apps with the most colorful graphics, which will allow you to play darts to train yourself in a shooting.

The best darts games for iPhone and iPad

  • 3D Master Darts: with this game, you can play darts on your iPhone or iPad with realistic targets and arrows, with very realistic physics.
  • Pro Darts 2017: the same game already seen for Android is available on an Apple device with the same game mode.
  • Darts Free: one of the best online multiplayer games, with many players ready to challenge you.

Billiard Games

Billiard app

If you enter a game room you will surely find one or more pool tables.
The billiards in which you use the holes you can play it in two ways (even if there are so many variations I concentrate on the most played ones): “15 balls” and “8 balls”.
In the 15 ball pool, you have to pocket all the balls in sequential order (from 1 to 15). The points are calculated on the real value of the pocketed balls, always following the order.
The “shore” points are valid, that is the points generated by balls that end up in the hole after having touched the regulation ball or the balls pocketed by the white ball after having always touched the regulation ball (the one to the pocket to respect the sequence).
In the “8-ball” billiard table, the first ball that I squeeze (or that the opponent pours into) will decide which balls you have to pit: if you shoot a full ball (from 1 to 7) you will have to hit only the remaining full balls, if you shoot a lined ball (from 9 to 15) you will have to hit only the remaining striped balls.
The 8 balls (black ball) should be pocketed only after having thrown down all the balls in its own series, plus it is necessary to declare the hole where you intend to send it (in some variants it is only the central hole opposite to the shooting hole).
Sinking the ball 8 before finishing the sequence means losing the game, so watch out for the banks or when you shoot close to the ball 8.

After refreshing the rules for play billiards on Android smartphones you can try these apps:

  • 8 Ball Pool: the simplest app to learn to play billiards in balls 8. To view, banks and physics of balls very good and lots of fun with online multiplayer.
  • 3D Billiards: if you are looking for an even more realistic billiard game you can bet on this app, which offers a good visual and visual level from the cue or from above based on your needs.
  • Pool – Ball Game: another good app to play multiplayer pool games with friends on the local network or online.

Here are the following billiard apps for iPhone and iPad

  • 8 Ball Pool: the same app already seen on Android, with greater resolution.
  • Pro Pool 2017: if you are looking for a game of billiards for iPhone with accurate graphics and the chance to challenge world champions, you have found the right app for you.
  • Pool Strike: another good app to play billiards in the variants described in this guide. Cartoon graphics and speed of action are its strengths.

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