Play full-screen flash games on Chrome, Firefox

We all know that one of the most beautiful things on the internet is flash games, games always free and often of great graphic quality.
Flash games are a great pastime, both during work breaks and to spend moments of relaxation without the fear of starting something eternal.
They also give way to confront the other players so the one who makes the highest score appears in the general ranking of the best and creates that competition that never hurts.To find these games online with new releases every week or every day just look at the list of best sites to play flash games online.

The defect of flash games is only one: they are seen in a small box and are low resolution.
The web pages that contain the game are full of other elements, advertisements, and useless things that disturb and distract.
When you try, where possible, to increase the size of the flash content, perhaps putting it in full screen, the game has slowdowns and delays in the action, the “lag”.

A plugin or an extension for the Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox browser allows instead of play in full screen, with no full resolution lag.

NOTE: The extension of this post no longer exists.
Alternatively, there are: Full Screen Flash for Chrome is Fullscreen for Firefox.

SwiffOut is an incredible extension that allows you to play flash games in full screen, as if they were games installed on your computer, without lag, making them remain fluid and with a higher resolution.

With the fullscreen game, all the elements of the browser’s user interface, the address bar, the title bar, and the menus that are normally displayed anyway disappear.
Only the flash game is displayed in full screen on the computer monitor, without other elements of the same page.
SwiffOut determines the best possible resolution to make the game run at its best in full-screen graphics performance.
The extension for Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox allows you to enlarge full-screen games even on flash games that do not support resizing.

To make this magic active, you need to install the extension available, as mentioned, for the Google Chrome browser, Internet Explorer and Firefox (link on the Swiffout homepage).
Whenever you open the web page with an embedded game, you can press the SwiffOut button to switch to fullscreen display.
The game is reloaded from top to bottom on the screen, without any other element than the mouse arrow.
To exit the fullscreen display, press the button ESC, and an intermediate page is shown with two links, one to return to the site with the game, the other to open the game again.

The SwiffOut extension works very well on the Swiffoutgames site games and those of the main and most beautiful sites: Kongregate, Armor Games, Addicting Games, Miniclip, and so on.
Most games can be seen very well, without pixel effect and without lag; only a few were a little blurry due to the too low resolution imposed by the game itself and not editable.

Another beautiful feature of SwiffOut is the ability to create desktop shortcuts for start games from the computer, directly in full screen, without going through the site that hosts it.
When viewing in full screen, if the PC is Windows, right-click to open a Swiffout context menu and choose “creates Shortcut on the desktop“saving the .lnk file on your computer in a folder of your choice to collect online games.
A double click on a link file starts the flash game immediately in full-screen mode.

SwiffOut for Firefox is much better than the similar add-on Flash Game Maximizer and is a unique program for Internet Explorer.
The fullscreen also works on portals with flash videos like Youtube.
Finally, remember that you can download flash games on your computer to play offline.


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