Play Store: biometric verification introduced to protect purchases

Play Store: biometric verification introduced to protect purchases

Through a special email Google announced the introduction of the biometric verification for purchases made via Play Store.

According to the note, users can choose between Fingerprint o Facial recognition, as long as the device in question supports the appropriate technology. As explained by the document, after an initial setting of the surveys these will be requested every time a purchase is made on the platform.

In fact, as confirmed by Google, the recognition process will be an alternative to the classic one password. This move by the Mountain View company is aimed at making transactions more secure, significantly limiting the risk of unwanted purchases following the compromise of the smartphone.

Biometric verification on Google Play Store? Here are some interesting details about it

The site wanted to closely test the biometric verification system proposed by Google, discovering some interesting details about it.

First of all, this technology will be applied mainly on the Play Store and not on other platforms. Secondly, biometric verification is apparently not available for all purchases.

Test in hand, if for subscription to Amazon Music this option was offered, the purchase of some games on the store did not see the possibility of confirming the transaction through fingerprint or facial recognition. This suggests that, probably, the developers themselves will choose whether to accept this type of purchase confirmation or not.

However, it should be remembered that all these considerations are the result of tests carried out by the aforementioned site and that the biometric verification system could be substantially modified by Google in the coming weeks.

Finally, it must then be considered how this last technique can be circumvented. Just some time ago, albeit in context iOSa was identified malware which allows cybercriminals to bypass this technology.


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