Play Store controversies: Google ready to pay 700 million dollars

Last September Google has reached a provisional settlement in a class action lawsuit filed against it by American consumers.

According to what the Mountain View giant itself said, the company will pay 630 million dollars to customers e 70 to an American state fund. The legal action, filed in 2021, was aimed at denouncing Google’s monopoly regarding the distribution of app Android on your store.

In this regard, the company has recently taken several steps to offer greater freedom of action to users. According to the declarations, in fact, the processes of sideloading will be made more accessible, although no details are yet available. As Google states, it is essential to understand that this type of operation can involve security risks, but that at the same time greater freedom will be provided to individual users.

In fact, they are not rare malware and other malicious agents that, through file APK, they can easily “pierce” Android protections. At the same time, however, limiting the market to just the Play Store is now unacceptable for the majority of users.

Legal action against Google: huge fine and the company’s consequent initiatives

Not only that: Google has started a project (still in the experimental phase) that will allow developers to adopt alternative payment methods for in-app purchases. As part of the settlement for the aforementioned legal action, the IT giant said it was ready to commit to continuing with this plan.

On the occasion of this press release, Google also underlined how Android 14 has simplified app updates, favoring greater controls compared to those coming from third-party stores through a specific one API.

The legal action in question, although it cost a lot of money, is not the only problem that Google is facing in recent months. From the farewell of Ian Hicksonwho left the company after 18 years, until the harsh confrontation with Appleseems to be a busy period for the IT giant, to say the least.


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