Play Store, Google improves content search

The need on the part of Google to improve the platform reserved for downloading games and applications has been clear for some time now. The Play Store it has brought back many updates, with the distortion of the interface in the past and with the introduction of several new aspects that have made it an almost perfect machine today.

At the same time, the company feels the need to grant its users a perfect market from all points of view. The goal is not only about the great reliability and stability on which the Google Play Store can already largely focus, but also the intuitiveness.

Il search process of applications and games that users need must be as simple as possible. In this regard, a new update seems to have arrived for all Android users.

Google Play Store, the June update improves the market

The latest update reported during the month of June introduces some new features concerning the store into the Google Play system.

The new version 36.3 officially released a few days ago has involved some important adjustments. If the improvement of latency loading ads on the homepage may seem trivial, there is one aspect that should not be underestimated. The Play Store with the new update has a new search system of titles.

In fact, it will now be possible to see the main aspects of games and applications also on the basis of what is described by users within the reviews. This therefore entails a much easier search for the contents which will take place taking into account the needs of the users.

To confirm the changes described, the official changelog also took care of it, which reports the following:

  • [Phone] Updates to search result and ad formats for app-specific search queries;
  • [Phone] Improved ads loading latency on Home Page;
  • [Phone] On select search results, you can now see key app and game highlights from what users are saying in their reviews.


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