Play Store, new update: users will be able to download multiple apps at the same time

Play Store, new update: users will be able to download multiple apps at the same time

Anyone who has used a smartphone or any device Android you will most likely have found yourself downloading content within the Play Store by Google. The intent to find and install new apps or update existing ones was the reason for the visit to the famous market.

However, if someone has tried to install multiple apps at the same time, they will certainly have noticed the traffic jam: the Play Store in fact does not allow the download simultaneously. The contents chosen to be downloaded are installed on the smartphone one at a time, causing great anticipation.

At that point, the speed of your connection doesn’t matter: there is nothing else to do but wait for the queue to run out and it certainly won’t happen quickly. Now, according to the latest rumors, this situation could finally change to the delight of users.

The Google Play Store is ready to allow simultaneous downloads

A few years ago there was a period in which people began to talk insistently about Google’s desire to carry out an experiment. The company wanted to try to allow the simultaneous download of apps and games from the Play Store. However, none of this has ever been tested but now it could be the right time.

Users may soon be able to install multiple apps at once from the Google Play Store. The version shows confirmation 40.0.13 of the Google market which has introduced experimental flags that suggest the long-awaited functionality reserved for downloads. Although everything is still in the testing phase, there are already the first indications of how it works.

It seems that downloading multiple apps or games at the same time works, at least for the moment. Unfortunately, as the rumors report, this functionality seems limited to the installation of new content. In fact, it wouldn’t work if you wanted to update apps already present on the device.

Google’s will this time seems clear and users can’t wait for anything else: a great convenience could soon make its debut on Android.

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