Playlists on Spotify, how to create, manage, download and delete them

Spotify is a service that allows users to play music, podcasts, various types of audio, and even videos. It can be used for free, with advertising, or by subscribing to a subscription that eliminates advertising and introduces advanced features. In any case, on the platform it is possible create and manage personal playlistswhich can be made public or private based on your wishes and needs.

Playlists can be created, deleted, modified and downloaded to be listened to even while you are offline, both from desktop and mobile, through the official Spotify application compatible with iOS and Android. They are among the most popular features, as they collect the most popular contents based on criteria established directly by the user: genre, author, preferences and much more.

Spotify helps the user find the right inspiration and to create new, original playlists based on your interests, which aim to help you discover new songs and artists. The more you use the platform to listen to music, the more relevant the suggestions will be.

  • 1. How to create a playlist on Spotify

    To create a new playlist from mobile, launch the Spotify application and, if necessary, log in with your credentials. click on Your librarywhere you can view yours Playlistthe podcasts and shows followed, the albums and artists followed and most listened to at the moment.

    Click on the (+) button at the top right and select the item Playlist. Enter the name you want to give your new playlist and click Crea. At this point the playlist has been created and you can start adding songs based on your tastes or by selecting from the recommended ones.

    If you want to add one of the proposed songs to the suggestions, that’s enough click the (+) button which is located next to the song. Alternatively, click Add to this playlist and search for songs by indicating the title, artist or album or other keywords. Once you have identified the content, tap are (+).

    From your computer, access the Spotify web app or connect to the platform’s official website and click on the item Your library, present on the left side of the screen. Press on (+) button and choose the voice Create a new playlist.

    Tap on the temporary name of the playlist to change it. To search for new content to add to the playlist, click on the search bar located in the area We’re looking for something for your playlist and enter the name of the artist, song or other keywords. Once you have identified the content, click add.

  • 2. How to delete a playlist on Spotify

    Created playlists can be deleted at any time, both from desktop and apps. If you are accessing Spotify from a mobile device, click on Your Library and locate the playlist you want to delete. Press on the three dots on the screen and select Remove Playlist. Confirm your intention by clicking on Remove.

    From your computer, log in to Spotify from the app or browser, and select the item Your library. Click on the playlist you want to delete and click on the three dots on the screen. Press on Remove and confirm your intention by clicking again Remove.

  • 3. How to manage a playlist on Spotify

    To manage a Spotify playlist from mobile, press on Your library and select the playlist you want to make changes to. If you want to remove previously inserted content, simply click three dots located next to the track name and choose Remove from this playlist.

    To edit the playlist, click on the three dots under the name of the playlist and choose Edit. In this area you can change the cover image by choosing one from the library or by taking a photo with the device’s camera. You can also change the name of the playlist.

    You can make the playlist private and prevent other users from seeing and playing it by clicking on the three dots under the name of the playlist and clicking on Rent privately. The playlist can be made public again at any time by following the same procedure and clicking on Make it public.

    From desktop, to manage a playlist, click Your Library and select the playlist. Clicking on the name opens a window where you can change the name of the playlist itself, add an optional description and change the cover image.

    By clicking on the three dots located approximately in the center of the screen, a menu with different items opens. By selecting Rent privately you prevent other users from viewing the playlist and using it.

  • 4. How to download a playlist on Spotify

    If you want to have the option to listen to the playlist even when you don’t have an internet connection available to connect to, you must download the playlists.

    From mobile, launch the application and in Your library select the playlist you want to download. Click on Download characterized by an arrow pointing downwards. The download will start immediately. Alternatively you can click on the three dots and select Download.

    From desktop, open the page dedicated to the playlist and click on the button Download represented by an arrow pointing downwards. Alternatively, click on the three dots under the name of the playlist and select the item Download.

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