PlayStation accounts suspended for no reason: what's happening?

In a period of great news on all fronts (the new Slim console made its debut, for example), it comes as a surprise a freezing shower. Many users are in fact reporting that your PlayStation Network account has been permanently suspended, without having done anything to deserve the ban. What is going on?

PlayStation accounts suspended without a reason: the point of the situation

«This account is permanently suspended from PlayStation Network due to violations of the User Agreement Terms of Service». This is the message that a growing number of gamers are receiving at the moment. Reports are increasing almost everywhere: forums and social networks, such as Reddit, Facebook and Instagram.

This is an anomaly is causing panic among the many affected usersespecially among those who – with their PlayStation account, in fact – have invested financially in the purchase in digital format of video games that they currently no longer have access to. As the user reports @michaeldhaliwal your X, there is no option to report the problem to Sony. In fact, he is even advised to create a new account.

Based on comments found online, the problem seems quite widespread and at Sony all is still silent. No official statement on the matter and, consequently, no explanation on a significant inconvenience.

To check the status of your account it is not necessary to start the PlayStation. The quickest method, also applicable on the move, is to see the PlayStation app for iOS and Android. In fact, in the case of a blocked account, the message will appear upon first login.


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