Porsche Design PDB90: Official premium soundbar with Dolby Atmos and 5.1.2 channels

In the past few hours, the popular Porsche Design brand has unveiled the arrival (at the official online store, selected Porsche Design stores and authorized dealers) of the new PDB90 soundbar, with 16 speakers, 5.1.2 channels, with support for Dolby Atmos .
Porsche Design PDB90: Official premium soundbar with Dolby Atmos and 5.1.2 channels

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It is not at all rare that the Teutonic Porsche Design deepens its aesthetic taste in products dedicated to multimedia, just think of the recent and luxurious monitor created in collaboration with AOC. In the past few hours, however, Porsche’s design division has announced a new and further product, which in the field of sound collects the legacy of the PDB70 model, substantiating itself in the new PDB90 soundbar.

The unprecedented Porsche Design PDB90 (999 euros) has a classic elongated brick shape (1,200 x 210 x 75 mm, for 8.69 kg), also ideal under large-sized TVs, but not without elegance: no frills on a structural level, following the saying that “elegance must be the right combination of distinction, naturalness, care and simplicity” (Christian Dior), Porsche’s new sound device places the touch buttons on the right, allowing you to wrap the front (with a step for the logo and a display for operating information) and the roof with a fabric grille that allows the sound to pass well.

In this regard, the PDB90 soundbar, a 5.1.2-channel system with 316 W RM maximum power and a frequency response that covers from 60 Hz to 20 kHz, offers the beauty of 16 internal drivers: among these, there is an integrated subwoofer used for bass (although the same can be enhanced with an external unit connected to the appropriate port), five front tweeters, six mid-woofers, two up-firing speakers but inclined 20 ° forward (to bounce the sound off the ceiling) and two places to the sides (to extend the soundstage).

Due to this set-up, the PDB90 soundbar offers immersive, 3D surround sound, as confirmed by the support for the Dolby Atmos, Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital (also plus) and DTS: X standards.

In the PDB90 soundbar, further improvements in sound quality can also be obtained by using the Movie (for dynamics / spatiality of films), Music, Speech (for dialogue) and Stadium (for sporting events) equalization presets. Last but not least, versatility also makes a fine show of itself in the new Porsche Design product which, equipped for Bluetooth 5.0 with SBC and A2DP codecs, can also acquire data from the optical digital input, from USB Type-A (for mp3, flac and wav files, also usable for charging at 5 V, 500 mA) and from the HDMI input (with eARC, alongside the HDMI output).


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