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PowerPoint: how to make successful presentations

  1. First steps on PowerPoint
  2. The basic functions
  3. Advanced functions
  4. Not just PowerPoint: other software

Who has never done one presentation with PowerPoint? Whether for school research or a professional report, this software is one of the most used in the world.

The program is part of the suite Microsoft Office and allows you to create various projects characterized by a series of slides to customize and show to a more or less large audience. Make a presentation in PowerPoint it’s quite simple, but to use the program in a truly in-depth and professional way you need to inform yourself and know the numerous opportunities.

In fact, the goal of every presentation is to knowing how to involve the public and to do this you can use many basic and advanced functions. But PowerPoint allows numerous other uses, for example it allows you to create infographics and convert from .ppt to PDF.

In short, we are faced with software full of functions to be discovered. Here are the details.

First steps on PowerPoint

The first version of the program, called PowerPoint 1.0is made by a name company Forethought Inc per Apple Macintosh nel 1987. The software was purchased three years later by Microsoft which officially included it in its famous Office suite and distributed it throughout the world. In just a few years, the solution is used by millions of users for create presentations of all types.

Historically the presentations were saved in the .ppt format, which was initially closed and allowed only those with Microsoft PowerPoint to open and use it. But given its incredible diffusion, alternative programs capable of opening documents in that precise format soon emerged. Furthermore, PowerPoint now allows you to save projects even in so-called “open” formats such as .odp from the OpenDocument Formats group.

The PowerPoint presentations can be created on various media: from PC with Microsoft Office, but also on tablets and smartphones, thanks to the application, which is available for Android and iOS.

The basic functions

The PowerPoint features are many, many are really easy to apply and allow you to create a simple but attractive document. The most interesting ones serve to capture the audience’s attention and direct it towards the speaker, like the function Cameothe Presenter mode oh Real-time subtitles in several languages. Pen, highlighter and laser pointer allow you to focus your attention on a slide or a particular concept.

For example, the laser pointer is used to indicate something present on a device. If the speaker wants to focus on a particular piece of data, he can use this function and argue.

Other simple and effective features are those of transition and animation which with just a few clicks allow you to make the presentation dynamic and more interesting and tidy. To make a project more interesting and well organized you can then rely on 7×7 and 10/20/30 rule. The first recommends using a maximum of 7 lines of text and no more than seven words per line in each slide. The second says that a PowerPoint document should have no more than ten slides, last more than 20 minutes and use font sizes smaller than 30 points.

These basic functions and rules allow you to create a simple but effective document.

Advanced functions

There are a number of advanced features for those looking to create one professional presentation. For example, you can insert more elaborate elements, between graphs and tables or you can adapt and customize the templates. Furthermore, those who know advanced functions can use PowerPoint to make eye-catching and detailed infographics. These functions allow you to enrich a simple presentation and transform it into a complex and detailed project.

Not just PowerPoint: other software

In addition to the famous Microsoft program, the market offers many alternatives for working on a presentation. Among the most famous software it stands out Impress, the LibreOffice PowerPoint, open-source solution. Then there is Google Slideswhich allows you to work on the project directly online without the need to install anything e Canvaa web platform that allows you to work on a huge amount of graphic work, including presentations.

In short, PowerPoint and similar programs are now very widespread and useful in every field, from academic to professional. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to use them.

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