Prepare university entrance tests: quizzes, simulators, books

Do we have to prepare for a college entrance test? Let’s see the best sites to prepare and simulate the exam.

University entrance tests

To effectively prepare for the entrance test for any Italian University, it can be very convenient to carry out tests (or simulations) with previous tests, often uploaded online and available to anyone who wants to test their skills before taking their exam, so as to be able to evaluate alone if we are prepared enough or need to review something.

In the following guide we have collected all the simulators for university entrance tests, including a conditional access simulator (we will have to enter an email to access any test for any faculty). Closing we will also show you which textbooks we can use to prepare effectively for the exam, to be purchased directly online.

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1) Entrance test simulators

In the mega list we will show you all the best simulators that we can use to prepare for any degree course, provided by (the best platform for studying).

We will start from the entrance test for Medicine and Surgerywhich has always been one of the most selective (also given the high number of pre-registered participants).

  • Test Medicine 2022-2023: Chemistry quiz
  • Test Medicine 2022-2023: Biology quiz
  • Medicine Test 2022-2023: Logic and General Culture quiz
  • Test Medicine 2021-2022: Physics and Mathematics quiz
  • Test Medicine 2021-2022: Chemistry quiz
  • Test Medicine 2021-2022: Biology quiz
  • Medicine Test 2021-2022: Logic and General Culture quiz
  • Verification test on the knowledge of bones, muscles, glands
  • Tests on chemical formulas, biology, digestive and respiratory systems
  • Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry tests

Below we can find the simulators for entrance test for healthcare professionsanother category much sought after by students who want to approach the healthcare professions:

  • Health professions test questions and solutions 2021-22
  • Health professions 2020-2021: Logic and general knowledge quiz
  • Health professions 2020-2021: Biology quiz
  • Health professions 2020-2021: Chemistry quiz
  • Health professions 2020-2021: Mathematics and Physics quiz
  • Health professions 2018-2019: Physics and Mathematics quiz
  • Health professions 2018-2019: Chemistry quiz
  • Health professions 2018-2019: Biology quiz
  • General knowledge, biology, anatomy tests
  • Entrance test for limited number faculties in the healthcare area

Below we can find the simulators for the law school entrance testwhich are also very selective:

  • Test on the Constitution, Parliament and Senate
  • Questions on the Italian Constitution, economic indices, trade unions for the Jurisprudence test
  • Verification simulation for law entrance tests
  • Verification questions to pass the law entrance test
  • Logic and general knowledge test for access to law
  • Test of logic, general knowledge and legal notions

In the next list we have collected simulators for the Veterinary entrance testwhich is also decidedly selective:

  • Veterinary Test 2022: questions and answers
  • Veterinary Test 2021: Logic and general knowledge quiz
  • Veterinary Test 2021: Chemistry quiz
  • Veterinary Test 2021: Biology questions
  • Veterinary Test 2020: Logic and general knowledge quiz
  • Veterinary Test 2020: Chemistry quiz
  • Veterinary Test 2020: Physics and Mathematics questions
  • Veterinary Test 2020: Biology questions
  • Veterinary Test 2019: questions and answers

To effectively overcome the Architecture entrance test we can use one of the following simulators:

  • Online architecture test simulations
  • Architecture Test: 2019 questions
  • Architecture Test 2018: Physics and Mathematics quiz
  • Architecture Test 2018: drawing and representation quiz
  • Architecture Test 2018: History quiz
  • Architecture Test 2018: Logic and general knowledge quiz

Next we collected the entrance test for Economics and Commercewhere we often find the numerus clausus in universities:

  • Faculty of Economics entrance quiz
  • General knowledge tests, current affairs, equations, mathematical rules
  • General knowledge, history, mathematical notions for the Economics test
  • Simulation to prepare for the Economics entrance test

For those who want to study economics, it is also essential to pass the pre-selection test TOLC-Eusing the same tests seen above.

2) Test by faculty or degree course

Test ediSES

EdiSESa famous publisher of many preparatory books for university tests and selections, offers a site dedicated to simulators for entrance tests free and really very simple to use.

To use it, all we have to do is press on the faculty or degree course for which we want to prepare, press on the orange button Go to the simulationenter a valid email address, tick only the first box (privacy information) and press on Send to immediately start testing our skills with a very realistic simulatorwhich will count the time available and evaluate the right answers, incorrect answers and null answers in real time.

3) Best books for test preparation

If we want to prepare for any entrance test we can either recover the high school books (for those who have just passed the final exam) or purchase a series of books dedicated to preparing for entrance tests:

  • Logic and General Culture Manual for the 2023 admission tests
  • Engineering admission test 2023
  • Logic manual for admission tests
  • Numerical logic manual for admission tests
  • General knowledge for admission tests
  • Test Medicine 2023: theory manual for TOLC-MED and TOLC-VET
  • The test of logic and general culture
  • Legal and Economic Area Admission Test

The books are provided by the publishing house ediSES and include a code inside to redeem a unlimited online simulatorreally excellent for testing your skills and abilities in each sector required by the tests (logic, general knowledge, Italian) and for taking a general simulation test (very similar to the one provided for the entrance tests).


Using the simulators provided by, the site with i simulators divided by faculty and degree course and the various preparation books we should be able to pass each entrance test brilliantly, obtaining the necessary score to be able to enter the ranking and thus proceed with enrolment.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to exchange used books for free, for school and for reading and on best apps that solve math exercises for Android and iPhone.

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