Prime Day 2023, there is Amazon's announcement: that's when amazing offers will flock

The Amazon offers of the are back again this year Prime Day. This was announced by the Seattle giant itself, which also reveals when it will be possible to rush to its digital store for save on an unlimited number of products. The days of Prime Day 2023 to mark on your calendar are on 11 and 12 July.

Amazon Prime Day 2023: the most anticipated event of the year is set for July 11 and 12

As per tradition, the event is reserved for all Amazon Prime subscribers and translates into two days of crazy offers on many products in the Amazon catalog. Wanting to be more precise (so you can better prepare yourself), the offers they will start at midnight on July 11th and will end after 11.59pm on 12 July.

The US company has also anticipated the name of some brands that will certainly take part in the event: HP, LG, Oral-B, Philips. But there will also be products from small and medium-sized Europen companies.

Again this year we are happy to celebrate Amazon Prime customers by making available many great offers, both on the most popular brands and on products from small and medium-sized businesses. We know how much customers are increasingly looking for savings on everyday products but also on trending products of the moment, and during Prime Day they will be able to find all this on Amazon.

– Claudio Marchese, Amazon Prime Senior Product Manager for Europe

The advice for users is to add the most interesting products to the wish list right now. In doing so, at midnight on July 11, it will be possible to make a very rapid check and – if necessary – complete the purchases saving money. Less than a month until Prime Day 2023, better plan ahead!

Prime Day Experiences

This year Amazon has decided to enrich the proposal. It’s about the Prime Day Experiences«unique opportunities to experience unforgettable moments discovering the excellence of Made in Europe, and also to meet your favorite artists, explore wonderful territories and participate in unmissable events» explains Marchese.

We talk about musica (with events in the company of Colapesce Dimartino, Mecna and Wax), Made in Europe (handicraft workshops, food tours, lessons and so on) e Lifestyle (excursions, stays, guided tours and more). More details about it here.


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