Product search on Amazon, how to optimize it

Make one search for products on Amazon it’s very easy. But it does not always lead to the expected results. In this sense the main risk is to be confused by others placements or give it advertisements.

Fortunately, however, there are several strategies that allow you to optimize a search on Amazon. Artfully avoiding sponsored products or those featured.

For example, it is possible to carry out the search on Amazon through a specific one engine ofresearch. Just as it is possible to integrate the famous e-commerce within your browser.

How to search on Amazon from your search engine

The first tip to best carry out the search for products on Amazon it might seem paradoxical. In fact, it consists of give up searching on Amazonshifting your attention elsewhere.

Amazon comes with a internal search enginewhich however comes widely conditioned by sponsorships. In other words, e-commerce suggests specific products, placing them at the top of its SERP.

A good way to overcome this inconvenience is to rely on your own search engine favorite. However, be careful to narrow the search field within the Amazon website.

To achieve this result it is enough enter the appropriate keywords within the Google bar, rather than the Bing one. Then remembering add: “”.

To limit your search to another Amazon region it will be sufficient to repeat the search, modifying the generic top-level domain. For example, writing: “”. Or: “”.

How to integrate Amazon into your search engine

The Amazon product search it can also be integrated directly into your own browser. So you don’t have to add any information beyond the keywords.

The procedure to follow varies depending on the browser you use. But in all cases you have to find the page Settings dedicated to the addition of new search engines.

To reach it quickly on your browser Google Chrome you can paste the following into the address bar: “chrome://settings/searchEngines”. At this point we need to identify the area dedicated to Page search and click the name button add.

Su browser Microsoft Edge you can paste the following into the address bar: “edge://settings/searchEngines”. Then you need to select the page named Manage search engines and click the name button add.

Su browser Mozilla Firefox instead you must select the main menu of Settings. To then choose the name item Bookmarks and the voice of name Manage bookmarks. At this point you need to click on the folder named More bookmarkson the Settings button and on the name item Add Bookmark.

In all the above cases, at the end of the procedure, you must select or type “Amazon”. Some browsers also offer the ability to create a keyword shortcut.

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