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At the beginning of each new year we can create our personalized calendar to be printed directly at home using specific programs, designed to immediately generate all the months of the year and subsequently add images, particular dates or additional information (such as saints or the most important holidays).In the guide that follows we can find the best programs to create a calendar to be printed directly at home, using any PC or notebook with a Windows operating system and a printer of any kind (preferably inkjet, since we also have to print colors) for the purpose.

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Microsoft Excel

The most common method used in offices to create a calendar on the fly is to use Microsoft Excel, the spreadsheet manager integrated within the Microsoft Office suite. To create a calendar with Excel we open the program, press on the side on the menu New one and, in the search box, we type Calendar.
Ricerca Excel

The program will show some calendar templates useful for the office, school or other activities, ready to fill in or customize according to our needs. After choosing the template to download, the Excel page will open with the cells to be modified: in most cases it is sufficient to enter the year, the day of departure and the photos to embellish the panels proposed by Excel.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to create a calendar in excel and on the best Word, Excel and Powerpoint calendar templates.


Calm is designed to create calendars of different types, depending on personal preferences.

After downloading and installing the program on Windows, choose the calendar template you want to print: yearly, monthly, half-yearlymonthly with space to write or monthly with an image or photoideal format for a wall calendar.

You do not have to worry that the program is written in English because the calendar is based on the Windows language and therefore it is in Italian. After choosing the model, you can add holidays by going to the top menu Extras and pressing on Holidays and then on Internet Update to download the Italian holiday calendar.

To customize the calendar there are some buttons on the left side. You can choose the year and month to be displayed, the format, that is the size, of the sheet on which to print, the margins, the borders and the font. In the section Image Editor you can add a photo by dragging the image file into the empty space and decide the zoom size and position.

Photo Calendar Maker

A professional and complete program to create a calendar to print is Photo Calendar Makeravailable for free download on all Windows PCs.
Photo Calendar Maker

Using Photo Calendar Maker we can create really beautiful calendars, with templates designed to insert many more photos within each single calendar page or on the cover of the same. After opening the app, we select the year and customize each month one by one, so as to obtain a unique calendar of its kind.

At the end of the work we can either save the calendar (as a model for the following years) or press the button at the top Print and immediately start the printing process of the 12 sheets necessary to create the new calendar.

Calendarlabs (online)

Without downloading anything we can create a calendar with photos to print using the service offered by the site calendarlabs.

From the Calendarlabs website it is possible to upload a photo that acts as a header for each month’s page and customize the calendar with the holidays of your country, including Italy. Currently it is one of the best ways to quickly create a calendar without even having to download a program locally on your PC, since it offers all the necessary tools directly from the browser.

At the end of the customization we click on Create Photo Calendar to see a preview of the calendar we created, then proceed with downloading and printing each page using the printer connected to the computer.

PicallyCalendar (online)

Another site on which we can quickly create a custom calendar without having to download anything on our computer is PicallyCalendar.

By opening this site we will immediately have a preview of the calendar and various options on the left side. Among the available options we can change the calendar theme, choose the photos to insert inside, set the month and year of the calendar, the beginning of the week, the font and the Italian holidays.

If we are satisfied with the result we press down on Download calendar to save the new calendar on our computer, so that we can print it at any time.


Making a calendar at home is really very simple with the applications and sites seen in the guide, whatever the program chosen, we will get all the tools to make a nice calendareven if we are not great IT experts.

With a calendar created directly by us we can give a personal touch to an object so common in many Italian homeswithout forgetting that it is excellent as a gift idea for the new year (a calendar with photos to give to your loved ones).

If you want to print the calendar as large as a poster, you can use software like Rastebator for create posters and posters (large images) to print or read our article on how to create Beautiful calendars to print from the wall and walls.

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