Programmable robot, Sphero BOLT arrives: what it is and how it works

Learn block programming with the new Sphero BOLT robot: it can communicate with other similar devices and is controlled via a Bluetooth interface.

When you have to teach or are about to learn programming, an approach “by example” is always successful in our opinion. It is good to explain or learn immediately how to “get your hands dirty” so as to try in practice those concepts which, otherwise, would require a high level of abstraction.

In the article How to learn programming from scratch we have offered some interesting ideas for everyone to approach the development of software applications.

The educational robotics allows you to approach the world of programming in a much more direct way by offering a privileged point of observation and study on the infinite possibilities that robots make available.

By setting the behavior of a robot using a graphical program or through a series of instructions given through a high-level development language it is possible to carry out projects that will lead to the acquisition of knowledge that can be used in many sectors.

Sphero BOLT, a new programmable robot that immediately convinces with its functions and potential

In Italy no one has yet spoken of Sphero BOLTan innovative programmable robot which has the shape of a transparent ball containing the mechanisms capable of governing its movements.

Programmable robot, Sphero BOLT arrives: what it is and how it works

The developer can freely program the behavior of Sphero BOLT by defining how the ball must move on the various tracks.

The LED lights also placed inside the Sphero BOLT ball are also programmable: arranged on an 8×8 matrix they can show information (letters, numbers and symbols), directions or animations.

The possibilities offered by built-in brightness sensor and magnetometer they are truly immense because the programmer can establish how Sphero BOLT must behave by varying its direction and with changing environmental conditions.

The battery guarantees an autonomy of more than two hours, allowing you to try your hand at the small robot for a good period of time.

Thanks to the infrared communication system, it is possible to synchronize and make several robots communicate with each other, thus coordinating their actions and behaviour. Dialogue with smartphones, tablets, convertibles and PCs takes place via Bluetooth.

Sphero BOLT is designed primarily for a young audience just starting development but is a great tool for teachers who want to demonstrate the basics of block programming.

Programmable robot, Sphero BOLT arrives: what it is and how it works

Using the app for Android and iOS, for example, you can set the paths that the robot must follow, define for, loop and while cycles, conditions instructions to perform an action only when a certain event occurs, activate and deactivate the LED lights , adjust the speed, the time of each movement, establish any delays, directly use the data (for example those on the ambient brightness) coming from the sensors and so on.

Sphero BOLT can also be ordered from Italy and on exchange, with standard shipping costs and insurance against loss and damage included, it costs around 187 euros. More information on the official website of the US manufacturer.

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