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By often using video-editing programs, we realized the need to have a large number of different backing tracks available (even as simple jingles for the start-up screens or for the highlights of the videos) and to have great difficulty in finding the right sounds or audio files on the Internet, being many protected by copyright.
If we are big fans of music and video editing, we can combine our two passions by using free tools to create backing tracks at home, without worrying about licenses and copyrights!
In this guide, we will show you in detail the best programs and apps to create backing tracks both on PC and on smartphones or tablets so that we can free our musical fantasy to embellish our videos.READ ALSO: Music Making Programs (Free DAW Software)

Best programs to create backing tracks

From computers, we can quickly create backing tracks using free programs that are affordable for everyone, even those who know little about music (it is still worth having at least the right backing tracks, such as knowledge of notes, timing, and chords).

The first application that we can try on a computer is Audacity, available for free for Windows, Linux, and Mac and supplied with an open-source license (therefore also usable in the commercial sector).

By installing this app on our computer we will have a very powerful tool capable of recording sounds from various sources, mixing and adding more sounds to the track until we find the right harmony for our new backing track. At the end of the work, we can save the new base in MP3 format or in any other audio format compatible with the video-editing program used.
To find out how to capture sounds with Audacity, please read our guide How to record with Audacity from PC, microphone, or external.

Another very useful app on PC for creating backing tracks is VirtualDJ, available as a free program to download and test only at home.

Thanks to a very futuristic interface (which really resembles a DJ’s console) we will be able to mix multiple pieces and fragments of sounds to recreate the desired backing track, adding from time to time sound effects and passing fades, making each of our unique creation. The created files can be saved both as MIDI and as simple MP3 files, ready to be used in the creation of music videos.

Another valid program that we can download to a computer to create a new music base from scratch is Musicshake.

By starting the app we can load two or more sounds, fragments of recordings or pieces of songs so that we can modulate and mix them together until the final result is reached, which can be heard directly from the app with the integrated player. At the end of the creation, we will be able to download the new backing track for use on other programs such as video editing.

Best apps for creating backing tracks

From smartphones or tablets, we can create music bases to beautify the videos to upload to Instagram, chat, or other social networks, as well as other video-editing apps (much less rich and functional than those we can find on PC ).

The first app that we absolutely must try to create backing tracks is Music Maker JAM, available free for Android and iPhone / iPad.
Music Maker JAM

Starting the app we will have many musical instruments and sound effects to add, mix and modify, so as to create new songs and backing tracks from scratch without the need to start from a recording or a fragment of sound already present. At the end of the registration, we can download our new base in the internal memory and use it on all messaging apps or on Instagram as embellishment for posts and stories.

Another very useful app for creating backing tracks on smartphones or tablets is Ninja Jamm, also available for free for Android and iPhone / iPad.
Ninja Jamm

Thanks to the functions available with a simple touch of the finger, we will be able to create new backing tracks by acting on the drums, basses, and synthesizers, mixing both the sounds we already have and the sounds available within the app. Once the creative work is finished, just use the integrated play buttons to check the result and save, which will make the backing track available for music videos or for social apps such as Instagram or TikTok.

The last app we want to report is Walk Band, available free exclusively for Android devices.
Walk Band

This fantastic app allows you to emulate all the main musical instruments, so you can create multiple tracks (one for each instrument) to mix in a wise way to get the backing track we are looking for. Currently, this is undoubtedly the best app for creating backing tracks on smartphones or tablets (the latter to be preferred for the larger screen size, which makes it easy to play instruments).


Creating new backing tracks without violating copyright and without wasting time downloading MIDI and MP3 files is possible, just make a commitment and use all the programs and apps that we have wisely recommended above. Obviously most of the instruments indicated are reserved for those who already understand and study music, but even less experienced people can have fun creating their own personalized backing track.

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