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To create business cards we can use many online services for the purpose, although in many cases it will be necessary to shell out a sum to design a business card with the exact proportions, with the right logo, and with the desired text formatting.Alternatively, to facilitate the task we can use some free Windows programs professional-looking and simple to use to create business cards, badges, flyers, flyers, pre-marked forms, and identification badges to print. Let’s see together which programs to use to create very nice business cards to see and print.

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How to create business cards on the PC

In the following chapters, we will show you how to quickly create business cards on your computer using both Microsoft Office and LibreOffice, their free counterpart. If the classic programs are not for us we will show you valid alternatives that we can use to create a business card or a badge.

Create business cards in Word

The best way to create business cards is to use Microsoft Word, which is integrated into the suite Microsoft Office. Once Word is open on our computer, press the search bar at the top and write a business card, so as to be able to view the business card templates offered by the program itself.
Word ticket

Once we have chosen the model suitable for our business, we press on it to select it, we press the Create button and, at the end of the upload, we proceed with the modification of all the text fields on the first ticket and after each modification, we press the Enter key of the keyboard, so as to apply the change to all business cards on the sheet. At the end of the changes, press the top left of the menu File, click on Print and choose how many times to print the same sheet, in order to have an adequate number of business cards.

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Create business cards on Writer

As a free alternative to Word, we can use LibreOffice Writer, part of the open-source suite that can be downloaded free from the official website and can be used to modify business card templates.
To use LibreOffice Writer to create business cards, choose the right card template from the PoweredTemplate site, press the button Download in the template page, we choose as format Microsoft Word and, once the download is finished, we open the business card template with LibreOffice Writer.
Biglietto Writer

The blank ticket will open, to be filled out in each of its fields. At the end of the compilation we press at the top of the menu Tools, we press on the menu Series Wizard Print and we follow the steps to import the data inserted in the business card, so as to be able to replicate it several times on a single sheet. If we want to simplify we can also bring ourselves in File -> Print and printing a ticket on each sheet for the number of sheets needed, even if this significantly increases the waste of paper.

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Other programs to create a business card

The programs seen above are undoubtedly the simplest and most immediate to create badges or business cards, but we can also use other free programs for the purpose.

If we have a Mac we can also use Pages, the app integrated within the latest versions of macOS and also accessible from the online web page; in the latter case, we can also use Pages from Windows or any other device that has a web browser (we will still have to use a valid Apple account for access).
Apple Pages

Once Pages are open, scroll up through the menus of available templates until you find Business cards, we choose the model we intend to use among those proposed and, once opened, we fill in all the fields present in the first ticket, so as to quickly replicate them on all the other tickets present. At the end of the changes on Mac we save the model by pressing on the menu File> Export As> PDF or by using the function File -> Print; if we are using the online version of Pages we can immediately print the business cards by pressing the wrench icon (top right) and finally press the key Print.

Alternatively, we can create business cards using the program CardWorks Business Card, available for download from the official website.
CardWorks Business Card

Once the program is open, click on the standard business card offered in the program interface, then click on Set Business Information and modify all the proposed fields, so as to change all the business cards on the fly with the information of the activity performed. Once the changes have been completed, click on Print to print the tickets or use the button Save As/Export to save your business cards in PDF format so you can print them later.

If instead, we want to use an online web service to create business cards we can rely on Business Card Robo, accessible from the official website.
Business Card Robo

Using this site is really very simple: we immediately fill in all the fields offered on the right side of the screen, load a personal logo by pressing the button Upload Logo, we press the button Preview and, if satisfied with the result, press the Download button under the business card to immediately download the PDF file of the business card.


The methods we have shown you allow you to create a business card or a badge at home, without having to rely on external services and often using programs already present on the PCs or Macs we use every day. If you want a more professional business card, I recommend using a web application for creating free business cards online including the famous VistaPrint which has very low prices and ships them directly to your home.

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