Programs to cut, divide and merge Audio and MP3 files

Cut MP3 One of the activities that can be performed effectively on the PC is without a doubt the modification of MP3 files. If we have a large collection of songs in digital format and want to get a ringtone to send to the phone, using these programs will allow you to get only the chorus or the favorite part of the song, so that you can later send it to the phone.

Alternatively we can use the programs in question to divide the very long MP3 tracks, typical of the acquisition of entire CDs into a single large MP3 file: it will thus be possible to obtain the individual tracks from the main track.

In this article we will therefore show you the best free audio editor programs for PCso you can split audio files, section a music track, mix multiple music together, merge parts of songs or modify the sound.

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Best programs to edit audio and MP3 files

1) Audacity is probably the best program for cutting, splitting and joining audio files in any format. This open source and free program provides all the tools to cut MP3 songs and then save them in new audio fragments, using MP3 or other compatible output format. To learn more we can read ours guide on Audacity in Italian.

2) Audio Toolkit is an app that can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft Store (compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11) capable of providing all the tools to better manage MP3 files. With it we can cut audio, merge different audio tracks, convert audio to different formats and extract audio from videos.

3) NowSmart Audio Cutter is another valid free application in the Microsoft Store created to cut parts of songs in MP3, choosing with absolute precision the points in which to make the cuts (via the timeline or via the start and end points). In addition to cutting songs, it allows you to extract audio from videos, thanks to compatibility with the most famous video formats (AVI, WMV, MKV, MP4, RM, RMVB).

4) BearAudio is a free online MP3 cutter that is easy to use. It is a website, so there is nothing to download, capable of processing audio files quickly to add effects, cut a track or music, add fade, change the volume of a section and to convert WAV to MP3.

5) Audio Trimmer is a website that allows you to upload the audio file online and then cut it as you wish. There is therefore no program to download and everything works online. The audio file must not be larger than 100MB. After loading the file, you just have to move the sliders on the sound waves of the auto file and then choose which part to keep and which one to delete.

6) Wavosaur is a free program for Windows, more complete that offers several options of edit on mp3 files and wav that go beyond the basic ones for audio editing. With Wavosaur you can cut music tracks, extract pieces of music, copy and add them to other songs becoming a tool for mixing music. Wavosaur can also record sounds directly and apply special effects and filters on the tracks. WavoSaur is a stand-alone program that weighs only 500 Kbytes.

7) Apowersoft Editor audio it can be downloaded as a program and is also available as an online version. This audio editor allows you to select segments of each file to cut, merge tracks and mix audio files.

8) Free Audio Editor is a very recent program that allows you to apply many types of effects on a single music track. You can perform the typical audio editing operations but it does not support multitrack so it is not possible to mix different tracks together. Free Audio Editor, in the free version, allows you to save the edited music file, only in Wav format and not Mp3 and this is a bad limit.

9) Another program with the name Free Audio Editor by DVDVideosoft, completely free. This software is really simple and convenient for cutting MP3, WAV, AAC, AC3, M4A, MP2, OGG and WMA audio files.

10) Con WavePad you can cut, paste pieces of other files or just record music. WavePad works with MP3 files; it is also possible to insert some “Special Effects” in the file we are using to customize the audio file.

11) MP3DirectCut allows you to edit MP3 audio files cutting pieces of music or extracting parts of an mp3; obviously it is also free, in a direct and fast way (in other programs the MP3 is decompressed and reconverted).

12) Merge MP3 it simply serves to unify mp3 files and thus join several tracks together making only one. A tool thus becomes useful if you use programs to make presentations of photo slideshows or slides, to insert a sound accompaniment.

13) Music Editor Free it is the program that shows each audio file graphically in waves and allows you to cut parts as if it were an image. as the name suggests, it is a good software for making changes to music, for adding special effects, for turning up the volume and for doing some other audio editing operations automatically. The free version, unfortunately, only supports the WAV format and not the MP3.

14) Audio Joiner it’s a’web application to merge different music tracks together in order to have only one. There is nothing to download and you just need to upload the mp3 or wav files to the site to merge into a single file.

15) MP3CUTon the other hand, it is the site where you can cut audio tracks and MP3 files, without downloading anything, directly via the web.

16) I add the program to this list Wave Editoralready covered in another article, it is not free but it is very widespread and popular.

17) A simple online audio editor that allows you to cut and edit mp3 files and all kinds of audio files is MP3Cut. Without having to download or install any programs, you can upload the file to this free site and then use its editor to select the part of the sound track to keep, cutting out the rest.


All the programs and websites shown in this guide will provide you with simple and straightforward tools for cutting, splitting and merging Audio and MP3 files. The best are undoubtedly Audacity and the programs that can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft Storewhich have all the features required to be able to operate on audio files without having to open new sites or without having to download too many applications.

To learn more we can read our guides on how create mixes between songs from the point of view of a DJ and on what are the best sound effects to listen and download.


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