Programs to import data from a PDF to Excel

Programs to use to import data and numbers from a PDF into an Excel sheet

PDF a Excel

Those who often work with Excel data know when it is important to recover as much raw data as possible, so that it can be processed within the spreadsheet to generate a table or graph. But the raw data is not always shared in the XLS format or in other formats compatible with Excel: during work it is also possible to receive raw data in PDF format, widely used in document sharing but which presents some difficulties in directly copying the data ( the risk of error is very high).

Who uses theMicrosoft 365 subscription can use an internal function of the program to easily import data and numbers from a PDF, so as to speed up the process as much as possible and avoid making errors caused by incorrect copying. Those who do not have the subscription version of the program will be able to use one of the alternatives proposed to convert PDF to Excel for free, so as not to have to spend anything.

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1) Microsoft 365

Those who have a Microsoft 365 subscription can import data from any PDF by opening the Start menu, searching for the Excel program, opening a new XLS document (or an existing document), clicking on the menu at the top Dataexpanding the menu Recover data and pressing up By file -> By PDF.

A management system window will open where you can select the PDF file containing the raw data to import into the spreadsheet. After selecting the file, confirm on Import and, in the next screen, select which raw data table to use, examining all the sheets present in the PDF (which will be “unpacked” to facilitate the loading process).

After identifying the page and the right data table, press down on Load and we sort the data within the spreadsheet, as if we had new data to process. If we want to have more control over the acquisition of raw data, simply expand the button Load of the last screen, press on Load as and choose how the data should be displayed on the sheet (as a table, as a PivotTable or as a simple link to the data).

Alternatively we can also transform the raw data within Excel by pressing the button Transform data: in this way the data will be shown in a dedicated Excel screen, so you can change their positioning, create the desired table or just generate a graph of the acquired data and only then add it to the document.

2) PDF24

A free program that we can use to insert data from a PDF into Excel is PDF24easy to use for the purpose and very effective for converting any PDF full of data into an Excel file ready to be edited or added to another Excel.

To proceed, open the program after installing it, press on Convert PDF to other fileswe upload the PDF file or files and choose the format below Excel (.xlsx). Once finished, press Convert to start the conversion and obtain the converted Excel files.

In addition to the program you can also use the PDF24 websiteso you can convert PDFs to Excel directly online.

3) Smallpdf

If we don’t have a Microsoft 365 subscription but still want to import raw data from a PDF we can use Smallpdfone of the reference points for this type of conversions.

With this site we can convert PDF documents into Excel spreadsheets by simply pressing the button Choose file, selecting the PDF file to convert and confirming the conversion operation. At the end of the work, the site will start the automatic download of the converted Excel file, so you can open it within the main spreadsheet or copy the raw data directly into Excel.

4) Online2PDF

Another site that we can use to import data from PDF to Excel is Online2PDFwhich offers a very precise and professional conversion system.

After opening the site we press on the button Select fileswe use the file manager to highlight the PDF document where the raw data is present, we confirm the choice in the window, we press on the tab Excelwe check the type of data acquisition we want to use and then press the button Converted. After the conversion, the site will allow you to download the new Excel file, to use as the basis for a new document or to import data with a simple copy and paste.

5) Xodo

Another site to quickly convert PDF files to Excel is Xodoaccessible from any web browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Apple Safari are fine for this purpose).

After opening the site, simply press on Select fileload the PDF document to be converted, choose whether to make a separate sheet or join the tables and finally press on Convert.

At the end, the PDF file converted into Excel will be automatically downloaded, with the possibility of sharing the file directly via email or via messaging app.


Even if it is not a procedure used every day, it is worth learning how to import raw data from a PDF and integrate it into an Excel document, so you can speed up the acquisition of a huge amount of data by simply opening the PDF and formatting the data in the desired format. If we don’t have a Microsoft 365 subscription we can always use online conversion sites or the convenient PDF24 tool, which contains many useful tools for working with PDFs.

Other methods for acquiring raw data can be seen in our ai guides OCR programs to convert sheets of paper and PDFs into editable text and how extract images from Word, Excel or Powerpoint files.

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