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Those who love music and want to learn to play know that it takes a lot of patience and time to follow the lessons and study music theory, notes, scores, keys, and so on. Even if there are very simple programs to mix music and create new ones with very little knowledge in the music field, creating music is quite another thing and always requires a minimum of study.Regardless of the genre of music, you are passionate about and the instrument, those who have always said “I would like to but I can’t” when it comes to music and musical instruments have come across the right guide: in fact, here we will find some great programs for learning to play music with guides and exercises, so you can start from the basics, and with time and dedication, learn to play some instrument well or create a new melody from scratch.

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Best programs to learn to play

Even if nothing beats a lesson from the music teacher, we can very well start from the basics and learn to play using one of the following free programs, which can be installed on Windows and immediately operational with courses and exercises designed for all levels of difficulty.


Many computer programs that allow you to learn to play have an approach that still requires considerable commitment and, above all, they charge dearly; among the free programs that we can try on PC, we find Jalmus, great software open source that works on Windows, Linux e Mac, available for download from the official website.

It can be installed on your computer and makes learning notes and music theory very easy and even fun with a midi synthesizer. Jalmus is especially recommended for pianists but, due to its intuitive approach, it can also be used by those who are learning to play other instruments. The interface is very simple to understand, in Italian and, above all, interactive, with hints and tips that appear on the screen. After opening Jalmus, we have to select the Italian language from the menu Settings, Language, so as to have the interface in Italian.

The first section includes the exercises, in which you can test the reading of notes, rhythm, and a score, to test current skills and the ability to distinguish notes.
From the section of lessons, you can choose one of the 12 learning guides from the list that become more and more difficult as you go along. Although this part of the program has not yet been translated and is in English, each lesson is absolutely understandable because it is interactive and played live via the Midi synthesizer. For all exercises and lessons, there is the keyboard, a pianola which you can use to practice.

The Midi options from the parameters menu allow you to choose what type of sound to play during the exercises and lessons, whether the piano, the guitar, the organ, or many others. From the settings menu, it is possible to choose the rhythm of the exercises, whether slow or allegro, the key of G or the key of F, sharp or flat, the short or minimum rhythms, whether or not to enable the metronome.

Musician Training Center

A similar program and alternative for programs to learn to play music with guides and exercises is Musician Training Center, available for free download for all versions of Windows from the official website.
Musician Training Center

By installing this complete course on the computer we will be able to learn the ABCs of music, recognize notes and learn to read chords, scales, and rhythms. In addition to basic lessons, it also offers intermediate and advanced level lessons to learn how to play guitars, pianos, and other famous musical instruments. This is probably more complete than the previous one, but it is necessary to know the English language well in order to understand all the passages well and to be able to truly learn to play.


Another good program that we can use to learn to play and learn about music in detail is Impro-Visor, available for free download for Windows, Mac, and Linux from the official website.

Using this program we will be able to learn how to use musical notes and fill the staff so that we can create our own piece of music and play it with percussion, strings, and other famous musical instruments such as winds and woodwinds. Even if the program is in English it is very simple and intuitive, especially if we have already taken the previous courses and are able to place the notes on the staff.


In addition to the programs seen so far, we can learn to play music with guides and exercises using also lènmi, available for free download from the official website.

This application is translated into Italian and will delight all users who want to learn to play music, given its ease of use and the ability to create even complex music, especially if we have already followed one of the courses seen previously. This program is also great for those who take music courses with a teacher, so as to practice at home with musical scores and with the creation of notes and chords.


By using one or more programs of those mentioned we will finally be able to make up for the lost time and learn to play music. By practicing every day and trying to write the notes in a logical sense, we will certainly be able to create small pieces of music: even if we do not become Mozart we will still be able to understand and play music.

Those who want to learn to play the piano, on the other hand, can follow lessons online by reading our guide Online piano lessons, free and interactive to learn how to play.
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