Programs to make new or modified videos

Video Editing When it comes to video editing, we still use the PC, despite a large number of apps we can find on our smartphones. This is because for video editing, superior performance is required and, with a mouse and keyboard, we have greater control over the features to be modified and the effects to be included in our work.
Precisely for this reason we have decided to create a definitive guide, in which we will show you all the programs to make videos that we can use on our PC with Windows or on our Mac: we will show you simple video-editing programs, programs to add photos and background music, programs to make new videos by recording the screen and finally also the sites that allow you to make videos from the web, without installing anything on our computer (very useful on company PCs or locked at user level). obviously we will recommend only free programs, so you can make the video you want without spending a euro.

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PC video editing programs

For non-linear video editing, the paid programs are Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas, equipped with numerous tools and features but definitely very expensive (especially for home use. As a free and open-source alternative we can download on our PC or on our Mac Kdenlive.

This program comes with a professional interface, equipped with all the buttons and all the typical features of a non-linear video editor: we can add our clips and videos to the timeline, add backgrounds, images, sounds, backgrounds and effects to transition, choosing in the large collection of items provided together with the program. At the end of the project, we can choose the format in which to save the file, choosing from a large multitude of different formats (AVI, MP4, and MKV are not missing, ie the most popular video formats at the moment).

If we are looking for a real professional but free video editing program, Kdenlive is definitely for us!

Here below we have collected other free programs similar to Kdenlive, which we can try without limits and without paying any license:

  1. OpenShot
  2. shortcut
  3. VideoPad Video Editor
  4. cinderella
  5. Olive Video Editor

Other similar programs can be viewed in our guide the Best programs to edit free videos.

Programs to create videos with photos and music

If we want to create a simple video with succession photos and background music (also called slideshow editor), we can install the Movavi Slideshow Maker program on our PC or Mac.
Movavi Slideshow Maker

With this free program, we will get an editor very similar to those seen in the previous chapter, only that all the features are designed to be able to make your own video slideshow with simplicity, without too many complications. In fact, we have a timeline where we can add all our photos and, using the buttons in the left sidebar, we can choose the transition effects from one photo to another, the duration of the transition, the addition of background music and finally if insert or not menus and start and end titles. After creating our video, the program will allow you to download it in formats that are easy to manage, even from mobile (MP4 or MKV), so you can enjoy our video with photos and music.

Among the alternatives (always free) to Movavi we find:

  1. DVD slideshow GUI
  2. Icecream Slideshow Maker
  3. PhotoStage Slideshow Software
  4. Freemore Slideshow Maker
  5. Free Bolide Slideshow Creator

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Programs to make videos from the PC screen (Screencast)

Do we need to make video tutorials and need to capture some parts of the PC screen, if not the whole screen? In this case, we can use a free screencast program like OBS, available for both Windows and Mac.

Using this program we will be able to take back everything that happens on our computer (both the whole screen and a single-window) and, at the same time, insert the shots of our face and the recordings made with the microphone. We will be able to make very beautiful video tutorials, to be published on YouTube or on Twitch, of our game sessions or anything else that requires the execution of a video tutorial. At the end of the recordings, we press the Stop button and use the program as if it were any video editor, cutting off the parts that do not interest us and adding effects, transitions, and any titles and backgrounds.

As valid alternatives to OBS (always free), we find:

  1. Screencast-o-Matic
  2. oCam Free Screen Recorder
  3. Captura
  4. Bandicam
  5. ACTION!

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Online sites to make new videos

Can’t we use programs on our computer, because maybe it’s limited to user-level or company level? To edit video on the fly we can use the tools provided by the WeVideo site.

By logging in with a free account (we can also use fast access with Facebook and Google), we will find ourselves in front of a non-linear video editor of absolute quality, in which we will be able to insert all our clips and videos (after loading them on the site), so as to fill the timeline. To embellish the videos we can use transition effects, special effects, background music, commentary by the director and opening and closing titles as if we were in front of a video editor installed on the computer. At the end of the work, we can choose whether to download the video on our computer (the processing will be extremely fast, thanks to the power of the servers) or upload it to the cloud or to a social network of your choice.

As valid alternatives to WeVideo we can try:

  1. Clipchamp
  2. LightMV
  3. Magisto
  4. Biteable
  5. Animoto

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In this guide we have shown you all the programs and websites that we can use to create videos on our computer, using only free software (many guides on the Web only report paid programs, without reporting real free alternatives).

If we wish to edit the videos on our phone, we advise you to read our guide to App to edit videos and edit movies (Android and iPhone). If instead, we want an easy program to edit videos with remixes and special effects, you can always download Movie Maker, old but still among the best.
To make new videos finally, one cannot forget the sites to create personalized cartoons and videos online and 2D and 3D animation programs.

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