Remove photo background Removing the background from a photograph to highlight a figure, face or person in the photo is a very simple operation, especially for users who practice photo editing every day.

If we are new to the world of photo editing and are afraid of not being up to the task, we need not worry: with the right programs we can remove the background from photos and imageswith results very similar to those obtainable by photo editing professionals.

In this guide, therefore, we will tell you which are the best programs and websites to remove the background quickly and easily. In this way we will be able to make our photographs unique and we will also be able to make funny photomontages by recovering the face of a friend or relative.

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1) Remove the background with GIMP

GIMP background Without having to spend money to buy Photoshop we can remove the background from photos and images using the free program GIMP.

After installing the program on a PC, open GIMP from the Start menu, drag the image or photo from which we want to remove the background into the program, press at the top of the menu Select and press on the item Change the mask quickly.

A red filter will be applied to the image, useful for precise selection; to proceed, press on the side of the instrument Path tool and draw the path (point by point) next to the part of the image we want to save.

After closing the path we press up on the menu Selectwe reward Change the mask quickly and then on the voice From the track to outline the part of the image to be saved; now all that remains is to remove the background by pressing again on top Selectby clicking on Invert and finally pressing the key DELETE o OF on the keyboard.
Background removal

To copy the intact part of the photo, press again on the item Invert (dal menu Select) and we use CTRL+C to have a copy of the cut image on the clipboard; alternatively we can save a copy of the photo without a background by pressing on the menu File and pressing on the menu Export as.

2) Instant programs to remove background

GIMP is the best free program to remove the background from any photo, but it could still make it difficult for those who have never used a photo editing program before (even if the procedure is all in all very simple).

If you really don’t want to use GIMP below we will show you the best free programs for Windows that can automatically remove the background from images.


One of the best programs to remove the background of a photo by highlighting a specific object is InstantMask.
Instant Mask The program is very simple to use: we select with the green brush the outline of the image to be extracted or the face to be saved; with the red brush instead we select the edge of the photo, so that everything behind it will be deleted.

In the end, after selecting the outlines with the mouse (and a firm and precise hand), we will be able to obtain the extract of the photo without any more background.

Picture Cutout Guide

Another good program to remove the background from images is Picture Cutout Guide.
Picture Cutout GuideThis program offers a simple interface for remove the background of a photograph and extract the image that interests.

To proceed, press the button Wide Edge to activate the cropping function with the mouse. After delimiting the border, we press the button Separate to form a narrow selection of the selected image; at this point, you can use the right mouse button to make small corrections in the photo.

Finally, by pressing on Effectit eliminates the background that can be replaced with a colored texture, with a wall or with another type of image.

Free Clone Stamp Tool

Free Clone Stamp Tool is an easy photo editing program that also allows you to remove unwanted elements from a photo.
Free Clone Stamp Tool The program is also great for duplicating objects, removing defects, scratches and stains in an image.

To remove the background you act in a similar way to Photoshop: you have to select the area using the ALT key and use the area to create a clone of it, copying it to another area.

3) Websites to remove the background

If we do not want to use programs on a PC or the computer in use has only the browser as a working tool, we can use valid ones web applications to remove the background from photos and images without having to install anything on our computer.

Clipping Magic

The best website we can use for the purpose is definitely Clipping Magic.
Clipping Magic With Clipping Magic we will have a web application to remove the background easily from any image or photo, making it transparent.

To use the service, just upload the photo, mark the part to be kept in green and the part to be deleted in red and the site will automatically proceed with the removal of the background, enhancing the subject we have chosen to keep. is another good free online service dedicated to removing the background from any image. processes the selected photo automatically and in a short time, removing all the background and making the person or subject in the foreground stand out.

Removing the background works very well because everything that is not a human figure is removed from the photo.

Edit Photos for free

Edit Photos for free is another website where you can upload your photo to remove the background in an extremely professional way.
Edit Photos for free The site starts by analyzing the photo and then presenting the options to remove the background behind the main subject, so as to choose the best solution; you can also move the cursor to include or exclude parts of the image.

Eventually we will be able to save the new image without background as a PNG format as well.

Vance AI

Vance AI Background Remover uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to remove everything that appears in the background in photos, automatically and precisely.
Vance AI You can use it for free and all online, by uploading the image to the site from your PC and then having it processed to re-download the same image without a background.


Photoscissors, a web application that you use without installing anything, has a special feature in the menu called “Geek” titled “Smart CutOut”.
Photoscissors The operation is identical to InstantMask seen a little while ago: we will have to use the red and green brush to draw the outlines and remove objects and background to extract a part of the image from a photo.


As we have seen, the solutions to remove the background from photos and images automatically are really numerous, we will only have to choose which platform to act on and if we want to use something more immediate or something more professional and precise (like GIMP).

In another guide we have seen how to enlarge images without losing quality; if instead we want to deepen the most important aspects of photo editing, we recommend that you read our guides for bring out a color by turning the photo into black and white and for blend the image to highlight a part of the photo leaving the rest in the background.


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