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In terms of security, Windows operating systems have greatly improved compared to previous Microsoft systems (Windows XP above all), because it contains numerous settings to block external access and malware. Unfortunately, it is still possible to hack a computer very easily, especially if we do not change the names of the basic accounts (all administrator accounts are called Administrator!). A not too experienced hacker, knowing that these accounts exist on every Windows installation, can also access practically any PC from the outside.
Fortunately, it is possible protect these accounts predefined and Microsoft made it easy rename so as to make it more difficult for hackers or those who pretend to circumvent the security measures of the computer and enter it without permission.
In this article we will show you how to secure access to your PC and undo all hacker tools by logging in through a Microsoft account and changing the names of the administrator accounts to other generic and difficult to guess names.READ ALSO: How to protect access to the Windows PC with lock screen and password

How to protect PC access

As seen in another guide it is possible bypass Windows login with password on any computer by logging in as administrator. The same thing can be done remotely and, knowing that the account always exists Administrator, the expert hacker already starts with a considerable advantage.
Below we will show you what we can do to make access to the computer really safe, especially if we use Windows 10 as the operating system (the best from this point of view).

Access via Microsoft account

Few understand the potential of accessing Windows through a Microsoft account: using this access system no local account will be created, but a online account synchronized with Microsoft, with password encryption and all information about our identity and our profile. This is enough to undo all the password recovery tools that hackers can use, effectively making the PC “inviolable”.
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During installation Windows 10 requires a Microsoft account in order to continue; if we had created a local account offline, we can remedy it immediately by opening the Start menu at the bottom left, selecting the app Settings and bringing us in Account -> Your info.
Microsoft account

In the screen that will open we press on Sign in with a Microsoft account and enter the credentials of the account to be used. After this step the account will be converted and immediately become an online account, so as to be inaccessible to anyone trying to recover or reset the password.
To learn more, we recommend reading our article on how Create and manage user accounts on Windows.

Change the name of the Administrator and Guest accounts

If we use Windows 7 (even with Windows 10 it can be done) as an operating system, the only effective method to protect access to the PC is to rename both the Administrator account and the Guest account.
To rename the Administrator account and the Guest in Windows 7 let’s go to Start and we try Local security criteria. In the left pane, we click on the folder Local criteria and then on Security options.
Windows 7 policy

The right pane will change its content to show all available local security options. In this list you can find the item with the title Account: rename administrator account; pressing on it, you can specify another name. We repeat all the steps to also change the name for the Guest account (Account: rename guest account).

The same procedure for renaming accounts can be done from another way: we always open the Start menu at the bottom left, we try Computer Management and in the list on the left we start Local Users and Groups, from which you can rename the accounts and set new passwords.
Computer management

These are undoubtedly the best procedures to significantly increase the security for accessing the computer from Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Other systems to increase security

To protect the default Windows administrator account you could also adopt a series of advanced strategies but always simple to apply.

  • Yes it can deactivate the account making it invisible (by local security policy but this should be hidden by default).
  • Yes it can rewrite or delete the description (From computer management).
  • Yes it can create a fake user called “Administrator” disabled and without any privilege and no power to make changes.

The best thing to do to protect your computer is never use Administrator except when really necessary (this account has full powers on the computer and which can be used by hackers, viruses or malware).

Additional PC protection provides for remove access to the computer from the network for Administrator users come on Local security policies – local policies – User rights assignment.
This last modification is to be made only if you are an expert and if you are in particular and delicate circumstances.


As we have seen, with Windows 10 we can increase security when accessing the computer by relying on the Microsoft online account, which will allow the system to automatically encrypt sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access with hacker tools.
If we use Windows 7 instead, we will have to change the account names Administrator is Guest, accounts that are always very dangerous to leave active on your computer.

To increase PC security we can also follow the tips seen in the guide on how change permissions on files and folders.
If, on the other hand, we are intrigued by hacker techniques, we can read our article on how enter the computers of others.
If we need to reset Windows 10 even after placing the online account, we recommend you read our guide Reset the Windows 10 password to access the PC.


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