Proton Mail: the app for PC and Mac with end-to-end encryption arrives

Proton closes 2023 with excellent news for all those users who, seeking maximum security also in the email sector, use its services. From now on theProton Mail and Calendar apps for PC and Mac, with full support for end-to-end encryption and – with a future update – the ability to access emails even without a network connection. At the moment the release is for users with an active Visionary account only (to be paid).

«Many people use email on their desktop through a browser, but desktop apps can offer additional benefits, such as better offline support. That’s why we decided to launch a desktop app, something that not even Gmail provides», explained Andy Yen, CEO of Proton.

Proton Mail: app available for PC and Mac

The desktop app is currently in fase beta but the Swiss company ensures the full support of the aforementioned end-to-end encryptionjust like for the browser version.

As regards theoffline access to email, it will be available “soon”. In reality, as the editorial staff of The Vergeyou can do it right now, but with Proton Mail Bridge, which allows you to configure the account to make it compatible with other email clients such as Outlook and Apple Mail.

In view of future updates, the developer company invites users to send feedback. By reporting any bugs, it will be possible to intervene in a targeted manner.

Proton Mail - App

Speaking of updates and features confirmed but not yet implemented, we are talking – among others – about offline mode, enabling Easy Switch and opening the application from files in ICS form.

A client is missing for Linuxhowever the announcement explains that it is currently in development and will be released during 2024when the final app will also debut (no longer in beta, therefore) for Windows PC and Mac.


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