Proton Mail will allow users to hide email address

Proton Mail will allow users to hide email address

Proton Maila provider that deals with email with a particular focus on privacy and securitypresented a very interesting new implementation for those who want to maintain anonymity online.

The functionality in question, available both to those who use the client that the browser Webwill allow you to hide the email address, realizing unique email aliases, which can be used for specific apps and websites. This should allow users to keep their real address private, allowing for greater privacy and avoiding any cases of spam.

This system for hiding the email address is nothing new for Proton which, in fact, already offers something similar included in the paid package Proton Pass. On a purely practical level, users can manage temporary aliases through the Security Centeravailable in Proton Mail settings.

Hiding your email address is useful to avoid privacy problems and more

The platform did not create this email sender obfuscation system from scratch. Proton, in fact, obtained the functionality thanks to the acquisition of the service SimpleLoginwhich occurred two years ago.

According to what was stated in a note, the platform has noted the great success of this function by integrating it into the standard Proton Mail service, effectively making it accessible to everyone.

The company’s Product Lead, i.e., spoke about this interesting news Anant Vijay Singhstating how the email address, nowadays is a sort of digital passport, a sort of personal “document” of great importance for each person. In fact, offering this information without too much attention can cause several potential misunderstandings, including the feared ones identity theft.

For Singh, in fact “Once your email address is circulated online, there’s nothing you can do to stop it from being added to spam lists, resold to marketers, or even used for targeted spear-phishing attacks“.

Proton is not the only company that uses similar systems, as something very similar is proposed with NordPass as well as with Firefox Relay.

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