PS5 Slim, the official presentation date leaks onto the web

It’s just been a week since Sony presented the new version of its flagship console, the PlayStation 5. The one everyone already calls PS5 Slimalso by virtue of the versions seen in recent years, it will appear smaller and thinner than the original.

During the last few hours, new news would have arrived directly from the web, in order to allow the public to understand when it might actually arrive. In a post previously written on Sony’s official block it was stated that the new PlayStation would officially arrive in November. In fact, we would have to wait for stocks of the basic model to run out.

However, now it is possible to find out more thanks to what has leaked onto the Internet in recent hours. In fact, a leaker would have anticipated that both the disc and digital versions of the new PS5 Slim will arrive in the United States next November 10, 2023. Plus there’s more: a particular bundle with Spider-Man 2 will see the light two days earlier, precisely onNovember 8.

PS5 Slim in November, the dates are now on the web

There are no particular differences except in the shape. In fact, Sony states that the technology of the new model is based on that of the current console on the market for a few years.

However, by purchasing the digital version, a smaller chassis with an SSD will be provided 1 TB and the possibility of connecting a Blu-ray player. According to reports, the volume should have been reduced by 30%while as regards weight, we are respectively 18% and 24% less.

US prices for the new PS5 Slim are expected to be 500 $ for the version with disc and of 450 $ for digital. To purchase the hard drive externally, you will need $80. At least for the moment nothing is known about the launch in other countries, but next month could be important to understand more.


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