Let’s find out if it is possible to use emojis in the name of the Wi-Fi network, so as to make it truly one of a kind

Emoji Wi-Fi

Emojis have become the symbol of communication between smartphone and tablet users and are now used practically everywhere in the IT sector. What people don’t know is that emojis can be used in unsuspected situationssuch as the name of the Wi-Fi network (also called SSID).

In the guide that follows we will show you what are the characteristics of the names of Wi-Fi networks, how to use emojis in Wi-Fi network names e how many emojis can we add to the network namefollowing the limits imposed by the 802.11 standard.

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Information on Wi-Fi network names

Origine byte

The 802.11 standards maintained by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) do not provide any particular constraints on the network name – the good news is that we can use emojis but with some limitations.

When we go to set the name of the wireless network the character limit is between 1 and 32 bytes, with each byte consisting of 8 bits of data. The Unicode Standard UTF-8 character set complies with this criterion and allows you to use emojis without problems, knowing that each emoji will take up the space of two characters.

We can therefore create a Wi-Fi name with up to 16 emojis o mix traditional characters and emoji taking care to respect the 32 bytes limit (a normal character takes up one byte, while an emoji takes up 2 bytes).

Add emojis to the Wi-Fi network name

Emoji rete

Now that we know all about emojis and Wi-Fi networks, it’s time to apply this change to our modem.

To proceed we use a computer (desktop or notebook) connected to the modem via an Ethernet cable or on the Wi-Fi network we are about to modify, open any web browser (Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are fine for the purpose) and open the modem configuration pageby typing or similar addresses in the top bar.

In the screen that opens, type the modem access password (different from that of Wi-Fi), let’s go to the Wi-Fi or Wireless menu and change the name of the network, acting on the field SSID Wi-Fi, Network name, Nome rete Wireless or similar items.

To add emojis, we press the key combination WIN + . (period) on Windows 10 and Windows 11 to open the special characters tab and press on the tab Emoji to get the complete list of emojis we can use.

Alternatively, we can always get quick access to emojis by installing the extension on Google Chrome Emoji Keyboard – Emojis For Chromeso as to immediately have the emojis to use for the Wi-Fi network without even using the keyboard shortcut.

After adding the emojis to the name of the Wi-Fi network, we confirm the changes in the browser configuration window and we re-log in on all connected wireless devices until then, by selecting the Wi-Fi network that contains the emojis we have chosen.

List of emojis to use for the Wi-Fi network

Are we interested in this change and want to make our Wi-Fi network more beautiful and appealing? Below we have collected the most used emojis for Wi-Fi network namesso you can copy them directly from the site without having to open shortcuts or install new extensions:

  • 🔐 -> Padlock closed with key -> this network is safe and inviolable;
  • 🔓 -> Padlock open -> this network is open to all;
  • 🏎️ -> Formula 1 cars -> this network is very fast;
  • 🐌 -> snail icon -> this network is very slow and disappointing;
  • 💻🖥️ -> two work computers -> this network is dedicated to work and business;
  • ⛔🚫 -> prohibition icons -> this network is private, access prohibited;
  • 😡 -> angry face -> this network has already been breached and the owner is angry;
  • 😭 -> face that cries -> this network takes so badly that it makes you cry;
  • 👽 -> face of the alien -> secret network, nobody can spy;
  • 🤪 -> crazy face -> the owner of the network is crazy, better to avoid;
  • 🔥 -> Fire icon -> the network takes good everywhere;
  • 🤩 -> smiley face with star eyes -> very fast network that takes everywhere;
  • 🙃 -> face upside down -> the net does not take well;
  • 😬 -> face to face -> maybe the net takes;
  • 🤑 -> face with money eyes and tongue from outside -> network with very expensive, hacker-proof modem.

To discover other emojis to use as the name of the Wi-Fi network, we can also read our guide to 100 most used emojis on PC and on the phone.


As seen in the guide, we can use emojis in the names of Wi-Fi and networks without problems create networks with a modern and captivating name; anyone who sees the name of the network (on PC or mobile devices) will know immediately who it is the coolest in the neighborhood, at least for those present in the coverage area of ​​our Wi-Fi. Let’s just remember that the limit of usable emojis is 16 and that it is always advisable to use at least one written part (such as “protected home network 🔐”).

To learn more we can read our guides on how rename files with Emoji in Windows 10 and 11 and how enable Emoji smilies in messages on Android, iPhone and iPad.


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