Put privacy first with Norton Secure VPN

Put privacy first with Norton Secure VPN

The privacy online it is the most precious asset to be defended by any person. Nowadays our personal information is no longer on a plastic card or a sheet of paper, but is stored on PCs, smartphones and tablets. Consequently, without adequate protection, the real risk is that some malicious person may come into possession of our sensitive data and make improper use of it.

Among the best solutions available on the market today we highlight Norton Secure VPN, the product developed by Norton to protect banking data, passwords and credit card numbers from possible cyber attacks. There are numerous features offered by the service, above all a premium VPN connection that allows you to surf the net in complete anonymity. Compatible on Windows PC, Mac, Android devices, iPhone and iPad, it offers a free 30-day trial.

Choose Norton Secure VPN and save

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  • Norton Secure VPN features
  • What are the benefits
  • Norton Secure VPN on offer for €39.99 (+ 30-day free trial)

Norton Secure VPN features

The Norton Secure VPN product puts the privacy of its owners first. Thanks to a whole series of features that allow users to hide their web activity from the eyes of cybercriminals.

One of the most important is lo Split tunneling, which allows you to choose which traffic to encrypt and which to leave free. A useful function, for example, for hiding online banking operations, sensitive health data, and more generally all confidential activities. At the same time, you can allow other services to access the Internet without using the encryption.

Again to best respond to the need for greater privacy when connected to the Internet, Norton’s solution ensures strict no-logs policy for your VPN. This means that Norton staff does not record or save the browsing activities of its customers: in short, no one is tracked, unlike what happens with other VPN services.

What are the benefits

That said, here it is because it is important rely on a solution like Norton Secure VPN:

  • online privacy protection: your personal data and location are obscure to hackers, websites and advertisers;
  • block web tracker: advertisers are deprived of the ability to track a specific user;
  • secure access anywhere: apps and websites are securely accessible anywhere in the world;
  • Secure Wi-Fi: all Wi-Fi networks, even public ones, become secure, for any type of operation;
  • confidential information: thanks to the use of advanced encryption, sensitive data sent and received remains confidential.

Offerta Norton Secure VPN

Norton Secure VPN on offer for €39.99 (+ 30-day free trial)

The Norton Secure VPN product for online privacy is on offer for the first year at 39.99 euros instead of 49.99 euros on 5 devices, thanks to a 20% discount on the list price. With this offer, you basically get Norton VPN on 5 different devices at the price of the single device plan! Before proceeding with the purchase, you can also choose to try it free for 30 daysand then decide whether to continue or cancel the automatic renewal.

Choose Norton Secure VPN and save

Alternatively you can choose the Norton 360 Deluxe all-in-one plan for online security and privacy, which combines a powerful real-time antivirus with a premium VPN service: it is currently on offer at 34.99 euros for the first year instead of 104.99 euros, due to the 66% discount on the list price. Dark Web monitoring and child protection are also included in the package.

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