Python editor integrated into Excel: how it works

Python is a programming language extremely popular and of great interest for several reasons, especially in the field of data analysis, the machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). In August 2023, Microsoft launched a new course for Excel that allows you to run Python code. Yes, because you have the opportunity to start script Python where data is managed every day (Excel spreadsheet) it is a huge advantage. So Microsoft is relaunching with a editor Python built right into Excel.

In a note published by Microsoft, the Redmond company says that the new Python editor integrated into Excel is the result of the work carried out by the division Excel Labs. It is therefore, at least for now, a experimental project which however will not fail to make many developers and users happy who often work with data present in Excel.

The newly unveiled tool helps you write and modify Python code that executes complex calculationsmanipulate data, create graphs and much more.

Python editor for Excel: how it works

The Python editor displays the execution flow of the code with the results gradually accrued. In other words, the that containing the Python code are shown in the order in which the script is executed: this behavior helps a lot, for example in the debug and understanding the code.

The new tool aimed at advanced Excel users offers more flexibility when working with longer scripts, uses some of the components that power Visual Studio Code and supports many of the features of the well-known editor. For example, features like IntelliSensecode formatting and completion, syntax highlighting are all included in the Python editor for Excel.

Python editor integration with Excel

As you can immediately notice after installation, the Python editor provides a additional level which is above Excel. It is the user who decides if, when and how to insert the Python code into the spreadsheet. What has been developed can therefore be kept in abeyance for the necessary time and used only when you are satisfied with the work done.

How to install the Python editor through Excel

If you were already using the add-in called Excel Labs you can update it to the latest available version to automatically get the new Python editor as well.

In case, however, the add-in is not used Excel Labsyou can install it with one click on the menu inserton the entry that allows you to install additional components and search Excel Labs consenting to the upload of the object.

To start the Python editor simply click on the menu at the top right and choose Feature Gallery. The editor is located here, ready to be used.

Anyone can get the Python editor today. However, you must have access to Python in Excel in order to use the new tool editing.

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