QNAP news: artificial intelligence, smart backup, networking and Air Gap

QNAP news: artificial intelligence, smart backup, networking and Air Gap

During this year’s edition of Computex of Taipei, QNAP has introduced a series of storage, networking and computing innovations that aim to improve the performance, reliability, security and accessibility of data in the enterprise.

The growing complexity in data management due to the exponential increase in the volume of information to be processed and stored securely, requires the adoption of solutions that are up to the task. ā€œBy integrating edge, network and cloud technologies with advanced management platforms, we demonstrate our strong commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that prioritize reliability and effectivenessā€œ, says Meiji Chang, president of QNAP.

QNAP, Computex 2024 news

AI integration: intelligent surveillance, visual analytics and semantic search

Among the notable innovations that QNAP has brought to the Computex, QVR Pro Client is highlighted. It is a software for the video surveillance which was already an integral part of the QNAP offer, which can be installed on the company’s NAS upon request of interested users. QNAP QVR Pro Client gives you real-time access to video footage from cameras, allowing you to monitor ongoing events and quickly respond to emergency situations.

The developers of the Taiwanese company have simplified the video surveillance management bringing numerous improvements to QVR Pro Client. Now users can efficiently manage applications Facial recognition con QVR Face and counting people with QVR Human relying on a single portal with a flexible layout. The new portal meets all your surveillance needs monitor singles and multipleincluding general purpose 16:9 displays and 32:9 ultra-wide screens.

Lā€™artificial intelligence also permeates many other QNAP products: QuMagiefor example, automatically categorizes albums based on people, things and places thanks to automatic image recognition.

QNAP is also a pioneer in technology semantic search on images based on AI. Instead of looking for exact matches of the keywordQNAP’s semantic search Qsirch saves time by finding images with a more intuitive and precise search.

Efforts to ensure high data availability

In today’s fast-paced business environments, ensuring high availability is critical to sustaining uninterrupted operations and drive business success.

So, QNAP has just unveiled HA solutions (High Availability) comprehensive systems designed to improve availability in various aspects of the IT infrastructure. A scheme based on redundancy hinges on switches with MC-LAGtechnology that allows the failover in the event of hardware failures or network interruptions.

Furthermore, QNAP aims to ensure the high availability of virtual machinesallows you to enable surveillance mechanisms useful for ensuring uninterrupted monitoring and recording, offers the opportunity to define cluster storage HAs focused on its NAS.

I QuCPE Network Virtualization Premise Equipment from QNAP are a series of devices designed for virtualization applications in enterprise environments. They are specifically developed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. The company has worked precisely with a view to maximizing the availability of these systems.

Centralized cloud management platform and myQNAPcloud One hosted

The management of remote devices at scale is always a challenge for IT teams. AMIZclouda cloud management platform for QNAP devices, offers advanced features that enable centralized management and self-service of devices, all from a single interface. There remote management of QNAP NAS drives with AMIZcloud allows you to access each system’s status, check resource usage, update firmware and install apps remotely.

The new version of AMIZcloud just released, however, it also adds support for remote management of network switches QNAP, for optimal efficiency in managing resources and services.

myQNAPcloud OneFurthermore, it provides a secure and reliable cloud infrastructure with immutability. This means that it is possible to define jobs of backup that prevent any type of modification to the data stored in the cloud. The immutable backup it is a great option for companies looking at regulatory compliance.

The myQNAPcloud One platform extends backup features on-premises via NAS, allows you to define a 3-2-1 backup strategy and contains a series of solutions to protect different types of data. myQNAPcloud Storage, myQNAPcloud Surveillance and myQNAPcloud Object help professionals and businesses simplify backing up NAS data, surveillance footage and unstructured objects to one dedicated cloud storage.

QNAP NAS optimizes manufacturing execution system (MES)

MES stands for Manufacturing Execution Systema computer system used in manufacturing industries to monitor and manage production processes in real time. These systems help coordinate and optimize production activities, providing features such as machine and process monitoring, resource management, material traceability, production data collection and report generation.

In a move aimed precisely at simplifying production processes, QNAP NAS embrace cutting-edge solutions to optimize the MES. With a focus on improving efficiency and security, QNAP NAS integrate seamlessly into industrial environments, offering comprehensive features such as real-time factory monitoring, access to process images, production and secure backup of surveillance footage.

Leveraging the management and conservation of data life cycleTogether with robust information protection to combat ransomware threats, QNAP NAS sets a new standard in MES optimization, offering industries tangible improvements in productivity and resilience.

25 GbE and Thunderbolt 4 NAS solutions for video editing and collaboration

Al Computex 2024However, QNAP wanted to once again confirm its strong commitment to providing powerful, complete, versatile and innovative solutions in the field of multimedia production and the audio-video sector.

The company is betting big on its solutions capable of offering users 25 GbE and Thunderbolt 4 connectivity. NASbook All-flash Thunderbolt 4 TBS-h574TX, the TS-h1277AFX NAS optimized for high-speed data transfer thanks to the interface 25GbE they are just two examples of the company’s most advanced NAS.

The new ones complete the offer USB adapters 4 a 10 GbE (QNA-UC10G1T/QNA-UC10G1SF) offering options with 10GBASE-T or 10G SFP+ connectivity. Not to mention the units USB 4 JBOD (e.g. TL-D810TC4, with USB 4 interface, 8 3.5ā€³ SATA slots and one USB 4 40 Gbps Type-C port) which further expand the connectivity options for professionals looking for performance and efficiency.

Backup with Air Gap and centralized management of NAS backups across multiple locations

Companies are now encouraged to extend backup security implementing the 3-2-1-1-0 backup rule, which involves the Air Gap.

Il backup 3-2-1-1-0 it is a principle used for data management and information protection. It involves making at least three copies of the data; two stored in different storage devices; a offsite (therefore in a different place than the main site). Plus the further offline copy or Air Gap it is an additional element to the more well-known 3-2-1 backup approach.

At least one of the data copies must be isolated from the network, therefore not accessible via the Internet or other electronic means. A precaution that offers extra protection against cyber threats such as ransomware.

QNAP presents its solution backup Airgap+: it hinges on the QHora-321/QHora-322 products and can be “orchestrated” thanks to an instrument such as Hybrid Backup Syncintegrated on the company’s NAS.

To deal with the complexity of managing numerous backup tasks of NAS, QNAP presents Hybrid Backup Centera centralized platform that effectively manages NAS backup operations cross-site taken over by Hybrid Backup Sync.

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