QNAP Smart Edge managed switches: what they are and what benefits they offer

The switch gestitio managed switch, are networking devices designed to offer greater control and flexibility than traditional switches. They are tools for networking advanced that offer more detailed control over the management of network traffic. Among their main ones characteristicsthere are remote management functions, VLAN (Virtual LAN), QoS (Quality of Service), port mirroring and those oriented towards advanced security.

QNAP just introduced two innovative switches that support all kinds of workload: These are QGD-1600 and QGD-1602.

QNAP Switch gestiti

The features of the new QGD-1600 and QGD-1602 managed switches

As well as adopting Layer 2 network management and functionality software definedQGD-1600 and QGD-1602 supportrunning virtual machines to implement VPN, firewall and network management functions. ADRA NDR software is also supported to provide protection for all devices connected on the switch.

Both presented as cybersecurity switch, QGD-1600 it consists of 16 Gigabit ports and is based on an Intel Celeron J4115 processor (it also offers two PCIe Gen 2 x2 slots) while QGD-1602 integrates 8 2.5 GbE ports and 8 Gigabit ports. This second switch combines the 8 Ethernet ports, even two porte fibra 10GbE SFP+. It also uses 8-core/4-core Intel Atom C3000 processors with Intel QuickAssist Technology for high-performance virtualization applications and faster IPsec VPN transmission. He sees the presence of two slot PCIe Gen 3 x4 and two M.2 NVMe SSD slots for SSD cache, useful for increasing performance IOPS performance.

Switch QNAP QGD-1602

ADRA network security software

The two new ones switch QNAP are born with network security first. They are in fact intelligent devices that, thanks to the solution ADRA GDR (Network Detection and Response), allow you to automatically identify and block suspicious activities on the company network, including so-called lateral movements of malware and malicious components used by cyber criminals.

With the QGD-1600 and QGD-1602 switches and QNAP ADRAyou can make one screening in real time of network traffic, unmasking any anomalous behavior and protecting company data from any kind of aggression.

To enable ADRA on QNAP switches, the purchase of an “ad hoc” license is required.

Why are we talking about Smart Edge switches

QNAP describes its new switches as Smart Edge because they are placed between the WAN network and company devices, close to the data that must be made accessible and transferred between the different company locations.

Like QNAP NAS, the new switches also already offer pre-installed QTS operating system which allows you to install a wide range of software and manage, among other things, virtual applications. Among the functions that can be enabled there is also QuWAN, QNAP’s SD-WAN solution that allows you to establish a network VPN IPsec full mesh between devices located in multiple different sites, even thousands of kilometers away. This way you can meet your business needs videoconferencingVoIP, data transfer, storage and so on.

QuWAN It also offers optimal network connectivity as well as supporting cloud-centric management. Thanks to MikroTik RouterOS, OpenWrt or the firewall pfSenseQGD-1600 and QGD-1602 can provide flexible functions of routingprotect local networks and enforce multiple security policies.

The two managed switches also support the network management platform Zabbix which helps IT staff automatically detect connected SNMP-compliant servers/devices by constantly monitoring the network status.


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