Qualcomm announces Snapdragon X Elite for laptops

There have been several rumors that have crossed the world of the web regarding Qualcomm. Its alleged desire to launch a SoC dedicated to PCs found confirmation in the official presentation which took place in Hawaii yesterday. In fact, the company has unveiled the new processor Snapdragon X Elite.

The next generation chip, based on architecture ARMwill be able to equip all laptops with the Windows 11 and later operating system on board.

Expectations were fully respected, with the CPU of the new chip based on custom cores Orion. These, developed by Nuvia and based on the 4nm manufacturing process, will be well 12 organized into three clusters of 4. The maximum frequency they will be able to achieve will be equal to 3,8 GHz with single boot, while in dual-core it will reach 4,3 GHz.

Snapdragon X Elite develops double the power compared to an i7Qualcomm announces Snapdragon X Elite for laptops

The new Snapdragon X Elite is equipped with a GPU Adreno able to get to well 4,6 TFLOPs of power. The support guarantees the presence of the DirectX 12 libraries. As regards the support for memories, it will concern those of type UFS 4.0 e PCIe 4.0 NVMewhile for RAM those of type LPDDR5x up to 8,533 MT/s and up to a quantity of 64GB.

According to official data, the new X Elite will develop a power of 200% higher compared to the performance of an Intel Core i7-1360U with 12 cores. You will also be able to use the 68% less energy while achieving identical results in terms of performance.

Qualcomm also wanted to offer a comparison with a more performing processor, namely thei7-13800H: in this case the power will be higher than 60% while in terms of energy, it will be possible to use the 65% less to have the same performance. The company therefore promises incredible autonomy for all computers that will be equipped with this processor. There is even talk of more days.

Finally a modem will be included Snapdragon x65 compatible with 5G in both Sub-6 and millimeter Wave versions.


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