Qualcomm: next version of Windows in mid-2024

In the last meeting with the shareholders of Qualcommsharing the most up-to-date information on the profits accrued by his company, the CEO Cristiano Amon stated that the goal is to bring the Snapdragon Microsoft operating system.

Amon made no explicit references to Windows 12 nor to a “full-bodied” update for Windows 11. He spoke generically of a “new version”, without clarifying the meaning of his statement.

Mid 2024: Windows 12 or a new version of Windows 11?

At the beginning of December 2023 there was talk of the release of Windows 12 by June 2024, to support the demand for PCs capable of supporting advanced features based onartificial intelligence. On the other hand, Microsoft presented theCopilot digital assistant which will be increasingly inextricably linked with the operating system. A release to OEMs in June and the public launch of Windows 12 in September 2024 it didn’t seem like a very imaginative hypothesis given the desire, which emerged several times in Redmond, to return to a three-year release plan for the new major release (Windows 11 debuted in early October 2021.)

Various reasons, including the recent farewell of the historic head of the Windows division, Panos Panay, may have led Microsoft to review its plans. So, the novelty which should have been launched with Windows 12 could instead be integrated into a full-bodied one feature updateWindows 11 24H2, which would see the light in the second part of this year, between next September and October.

For his part, just a few weeks ago, Dell added the reference to Windows 24H1 in one of his slide presentation of the new WiFi 7 compatible XPS notebooks. The hardware manufacturer spoke, attention, about Windows 11 24H1 and not Windows 11 24H2. The mystery, therefore, deepens. Why? Because Microsoft has long since decided to abandon the release of feature update semi-annually and focus on one launch per year, typically during the fall season.

What is the new version of Windows referred to by Qualcomm

We said that Qualcomm’s CEO has generically mentioned a new version of Windows for mid-2024. At this point, various alternatives remain on the table. It is possible that the feature update annual becomes the Windows 11 24H1 spring or early summer. It is not excluded that Microsoft could, even temporarily, return to a double feature update (Windows 11 24H1 around May and Windows 11 24H2 around October or November). More difficult, if not impossible, for the company led by Satya Nadella to surprise everyone with a Windows 12 intended primarily for PC AIi.e. systems with dedicated hardware to support the use of generative models in locale.

Again, Windows 11 24H1 – as indicated by Dell in its documentation – may not be a feature update but present itself more simply as a quarterly update (Moment 5). We talked about it in the article dedicated to how to update Windows 11. In this case, however, Amon’s presentation which refers to the “next version of Windows” in mid-2024 would seem less than appropriate to us. A packet Moment by its nature it is not really a new version of Windows but a minor update.

Another option: Microsoft has a new Windows on ARM ready

However, there is also another option, namely that the Qualcomm CEO talks about an updated version of Windows, exclusive for devices Basati su chip ARM. In short, it would be an update of that Windows on ARM which until now had never taken off and which with the launch of the Snapdragon Elite


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