Qualcomm unveils new AI solutions for video conferencing

US chipmaker Qualcomm today launched a new suite of video collaboration solutions called Qualcomm Video Collaboration Platform. With this platform, AI will be integrated faster into video conferencing devices and equipment in business, healthcare, education and home environments, serving as the ultimate tool and comprehensive tailored solution to make calls and meetings more immersive.

Qualcomm leverages AI for immersive video conferencing

The main solutions proposed by Qualcomm are the following:

  • Qualcomm Video Collaboration VC5: Fully customizable AI functions on video and audio side, based on hardware-meets-software design. It supports QCS8250 and QCS7230 chipsets, soon also QCS8550.
  • Qualcomm Video Collaboration VC3: Support for multiple UHD cameras, WiFi 6E, and the addition of advanced audio-video AI tools to deliver “superior experiences on less feature-demanding devices.” It supports QCS6490, QCS5430 and QCS610 chipsets.
  • Qualcomm Video Collaboration VC1: designed for accessories such as touch controllers and tablets with the aim of saving time and money in the development of other ad hoc solutions. It supports QCS6125 and QCS610 chipsets.

Qualcomm AI video conferencing business partners

The three AI platforms support Android and Linux, and can customize video conferencing products in different environments. As Dev Singh, vice president of automation at Qualcomm Technologies says, these new solutions overall offer customers “the technologies they need to develop a variety of different types of conferencing devices”.

Companies that have already confirmed their partnership with Qualcomm include BOE, Bose, HP, Lenovo, Logitech, Microsoft and Zoom. The common goal remains to offer flexible solutions for improve productivity by leveraging AI.

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Source: Qualcomm


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