QuickTime is still in excellent health: here’s how to make the best use of it

QuickTime it’s a Apple proprietary software which for years has played an integral role within asoftware architecture very rich and complex.

Also available on Windowsfor several years QuickTime was one of the media player most famous and widespread at an international level.

Today i gloriesof QuickTime they seem far away and his functionality they are certainly reduced. But it is still a program that can give the user different things satisfactions. Above all thanks to features and shortcuts designed specifically for the Apple Galaxy.

What is QuickTime

QuickTimeAt first glance, it might seem simple multimedia content player. But in reality, in its original conception, it was a framework much more complete and complex.

In Apple’s vision, QuickTime was to be an architecture capable of integrate with multimedia information of various nature: from images to videos, through audio and even files Adobe Flash Player.

For this reason QuickTime has been equipped with several plug-in webas well as being perfectly integrated with other software Apple owners: one above all iTunes music player.

Born in 1991, QuickTime has also landed on Windows starting in 1994. And it was updated continuously until 2016. Although, over the years, its functionality has gradually reduced.

The reasons for decline of QuickTime are multiple: starting from birth and proliferation of dedicated software to specific activities. Think in this sense about the development of Final Cut e iMovie. And Apple’s choice to reduce the video editing capabilities historically integrated right into QuickTime.

Then there is the issue of online multimedia reproductionswhich have made some of the less and less necessary plug-in di QuickTime for playing content on the web.

The same goes for i codec: today, in fact, the devices for encoding or decoding the analog signal are well present within the main ones proprietary software of the different operating systems.

What you can do with QuickTime

Despite the considerations made in the previous paragraphs, QuickTime is still available of the user. And, in some cases, it reveals a lot useful and effective.

Meanwhile it is the ideal tool for reading MOV files: a format still quite widespread among the different ones hardware e software Apple. Furthermore, QuickTime is particularly suitable for reading all that online content they use specific codecs: for example H.264 o HEVC/H.265.

Finally QuickTime continues to be installed by default on computers Mac. And it continues to be equipped with particularly interesting features.

Dal mirroring su iPhone o iPad to the possibility of record your Mac screen. Without forgetting the visualization of previews and the different ones keyboard shortcuts available.

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