Rabbit R1, terrible reviews and already in the storm: is it a simple app for Android?

Rabbit R1, terrible reviews and already in the storm: is it a simple app for Android?

2024 should be the year of the consecration ofartificial intelligenceat the center of new features easily accessible on smartphones, tablets and computers but also the heart of completely new deviceslike Humane’s AI Pin the Rabbit R1. The first was rejected by the most authoritative voices in the sector, and the same goes for the second.

The Rabbit R1 makes no sense to exist, according to reviews

The compact device is characterized by quite courageous solutions, such as the absence of support for touch controlswas strongly criticized by important and, above all, reliable names from the tech scene, such as Marques Brownlee e Dave2D. For both, the device based on artificial intelligence It’s also difficult to review given the numerous problems and limitations that it brings with it in its commercial version. In the end, the question that is asked is more than legitimate: why not ask it directly a mobile app? Rabbit R1 doesn’t even remotely have what it takes to replace iPhones and the like and it would certainly make more sense if it were “only” software for smartphones and tablets.

Actually, as explained by the expert Mishaal Rahman Of Android Authority, the Rabbit R1 is a device that runs an application. The journalist, a point of reference for the Android community for several years, managed to download the APK of the Rabbit launcher and install it on a Google Pixel 6A. In the video released online, Rahman shows how it is possible to use Big G’s smartphone (not even that recent) just as if it were the $199 R1.

Rahman points out that the application may not offer all the features expected from the R1. A question of permissions which, despite the tweaks used, could not be granted. However, what is causing discussion is the fact that the software works on a mid-range smartphone from almost two years ago. So why would anyone spend $199 for a device with too many software and hardware limitations and which, based on the latest findings, it doesn’t appear to do anything other than run an Android application?

Rabbit CEO’s response

Rabbit CEO, Jesse Lyu, however, does not agree with what emerged. In a post on X in fact he writes that the R1 interface is not an application and that the LLM runs on the cloud (which however was not questioned by Rahman). «Rabbit OS and LAM run in the cloud with a very customized AOSP and lower level firmware changes, therefore an APK not paired with the appropriate OS does not allow access to our service“, it is read. «Rabbit OS is customized for the R1 and we do not support third-party clients. Using a bootlegged APK or webclient carries significant risks and for this reason we do not recommend their use».

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