Ransomware: Attacks via remote access software are on the rise

According to new research carried out by WatchGuard Technologiesthe attacks ransomware are exploiting with ever greater insistence the remote access software.

The document in question, i.e. theInternet Security Report, delves into an interesting topic such as the latest malware trends, focusing on the most widespread tactics in the context of today’s cybercrime. The study revealed a worrying increase in ransomware attacks (which is somewhat comforting +89% ) and a decrease in malware spread through encrypted connections.

WatchGuard research also highlighted a clear increase in the abuse of remote access apps. As is easy to imagine, the actions of these completely legitimate software are often ignored by defensive systems: this breach allows cybercriminali to have greater freedom of action during their campaigns. Through these programs, on a practical level, it is possible steal passwords and others personal credentials extremely valuable to the victims.

Two high-level American state agencies confirmed the report regarding the criticality of remote access software FBI e CISA.

Remote access software allows cybercriminals to bypass detection tools

As pointed out by Corey NachreinerChief Security Officer at WatchGuard, cybercriminals are constantly evolving their offensive strategies, which makes cybersecurity a challenging environment to stay ahead of the curve.

Expert analyzes have highlighted a substantial increase in attacks using ransomware Medusa. On the other hand, there is talk of a clear decline in exploitative operations script in the first quarter of 2023 (-41%). Despite the reduction, attacks of this type still represent the most widespread attack vector, with the 56% of total attacks.

Researchers have also noticed a decline in active malware across encrypted connections that, with a -48%, are actually halved. Among this type of malicious agents, the entry of Lazy.360502 in the top 10 of the most widespread malware in the world. We’re talking about a infostealersold as Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) specialized in password theft which is quite common in clandestine forums Dark Web.

In broad terms, therefore, with this research WatchGuard has demonstrated how important it is to always maintain high attention towards Web threats. Informing yourself, as well as adopting an effective antivirus, are two of the most effective weapons to avoid unpleasant encounters to say the least while browsing online.


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